August 2021
#OurNeckOftheWoods Monthly Newsletter
Congratulations to the 4th and 5th Grade NOW campers for winning the sidewalk chalk competition! They each won one free creemee a week for the 2021 season from Village Grocery.
Introverts vs. Extroverts: Young Leaders Edition
by Lauren Morris
NOW Junior Counselor Manager
Growing up, I helped assist in teaching children’s dance classes, did student council, and would always volunteer to lead group activities in classes. As an extrovert, leadership has always come so naturally to me as I had no problem being the center of attention and making connections with new people. But what about all our introverted leaders? Being an introvert can sometimes be viewed as something that is negative within American society. Introverts are often labeled as anti-social, awkward, or unfit to be leaders. There is even research showing that personality tests are biased toward introverts which have arguably caused discrimination within workplaces in the United States. During our NOW Junior Counseling programming this summer, I have found that these stigmas are absolutely not true. 
While my extroverted Junior Counselors (JCs) are quick to help our younger campers as soon as they are in need of help, our introverted JCs are more likely to actively listen to the words of each camper in order to truly understand where they are coming from. After doing some research, I discovered that my observation aligned with a study done in 2018 that compared the listening skills of introverts and extroverts. Scholars from the University of Bengkulu discovered that introverts scored significantly higher than extroverts on their listening tests. 
To show all my JCs the power and challenges of listening and speaking, we did many activities including a listening dyad. To do a dyad, I had them go into pairs and switch between two roles which included the listener and the speaker. After they were asked a question, the speaker had to speak for one minute while the listener had to listen for one minute. The listener was not permitted to respond physically or verbally even if the speaker had finished before the timer was up. They observed that listening was hard for extroverted students and that speaking was hard for introverted students. They both had their strengths and they both had their challenges. Throughout the week, I encouraged them to embrace what their strength was and challenged them to do what was hard for them whether that was actively listening or putting themselves out there. Here at Neck of the Woods, we recognize that we each have strengths and that leadership comes in many forms. We celebrate these differences and assist children to harness their strengths no matter what they are challenged with as individuals.
Infant and Toddler
by Chris Buckridge
NOW Infant and Toddler Teacher
   The first three weeks of NOW’s Infant and Toddler program have been full of connection and exploration. Temporarily housed in Waitsfield United Church of Christ (WUCC) while the NOW building is under necessary construction, the kiddos in our program have been venturing into the surrounding area on the hunt for frogs and fire trucks. So far, we’ve found both! We’ve also made use of having the Joslin Memorial Library located directly next door to us by checking out books and taking our groups to a Monday Storytime – something we will definitely do again.
   The young people in the Infant and Toddler program have not only been connecting with their larger local community, but also – and arguably more importantly –with their own peers. The kids have been having a lot of fun together and forming friendships, which have in turn provided crucial opportunities to further develop compassion, empathy, and the ability to navigate the joys and sorrows of sharing toys. We can’t wait to see these relationships, skills, and personalities continue to grow and thrive, and we are so happy to be a part of that.  
Sign-Up For NOW After School 2021-2022
by Katie Alexander
NOW School Age Director
As summer winds down, NOW is gearing up for the 2021-2022 school year. School Age (K-6th Grade) After School Programming for Neck of the Woods will take place at the Moretown Elementary School this year. After School programming is open Monday-Friday from 2:25 pm -5:00 pm, and the cost is $20/day. During After School programming, students will have the opportunity to participate in enrichment activities by joining clubs in addition to daily programming options. Clubs vary in subject topic from hiking to sewing to Pokemon, and are led by local professionals.
5, 4, 3, 2, 1... Blast Off!
by Suzanne Gardner
NOW Early Education Director
Summer Camp for Preschool is out of this world! We began summer camp by building rockets to take on summer adventures. Since then, our days have been filled with fun projects to highlight our themes and days filled with imaginative play as we build new friendships this season. We created starry night pictures, rocket space scenes with aliens and googly eyes, read lots of books, and shared what we already know about space and our planet Earth. For sports week, we used a variety of equipment to support our growing bodies as we played familiar games. The most fun was ring toss and, our forever favorite, creating obstacle courses. Camping week was a bit of a wash with all this rain but we still had fun using our BBQ camping gear for picnicking and our teepee tent for “camping in the wilderness". We had a few staged lean-to's and forest sounds playing in the background to help our imaginations wander. We enjoyed watermelon and eventually had good weather for s’mores. Music and movement got us rockin’ to a variety of musical instruments as we learned about tapping beats. We had fun scarves and ribbons for dancing and turned a “comet project idea” into microphones. We are currently in the depths of our water creatures week. We have the backdrop of an underwater scene, lots of library books and figurines for our day's activities along with some fun projects to spark artistic creativity.
We are looking forward to science week as we explore some fun experiments to seek answers to all of our questions. Our final week of World Celebrations is when we will have the opportunity to participate in some very fun activities inspired by events and cultures around the world. Stay tuned for more updates on Preschool every month in the NOW Monthly Newsletter and have a great summer!
What has been your favorite field trip of the summer?
We asked our campers about their favorite trips and why they loved the experience so much. These are their responses:
"Billings Farm! Because there was ice cream!"
-Amos W.
"Rock climbing because I like to climb."
-Wren V.
"I loved VINS Nature Center because, you know, I want to be an ornithologist*!"
-Zoya B
*Ornitholigist is a scientist who studies birds
"Echo because- I don't know!"
-Julian T.
"The farm because I got to pet the cows."
-Beau R.
"The Fun Zone because it had a bouncy castle and a pirate ship bouncy castle and the regular bouncy castle."
-Mallory B.
"The same thing as Julian."
-Emily T.
"Going bowling! I love bowling!"
-Ceci P.
"My favorite field trip is the Waterbury Reservoir because my favorite part is we got to go swimming."
-Owen A.
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Quote of the Month
"Kids don't remember what you try to teach them. They remember what you are."

-Jim Henson