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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,

Happy Darn-Hot August! Hope you are all surviving the heat and humidity, and are taking frequent trips to the coast to cool off now and again. We have the most delightful shady/breezy spot at the nursery under the big Ficus trees where you will find us every day. We invite you to come check it out for a moment of relief from our hot summer!

We are SO excited to offer in-stock fountains at 20% off for the first time in years. We have a great selection of Campania, Fiori and Florence fountains and wanted to share the love with you! And not only that, we are also putting California Natives on sale at 20% off, too!

Much to our delight, Raul Ricardez from Moosa Creek Nursery will be at our store on Sundays from 11-2 through the end of the month. With Raul's love of native plants, his experience working hands-on at Moosa Creek, and his approach to "plant communities"-based gardening, we are so lucky he is willing to come to the nursery to answer any questions you may have about California natives and to offer some great planting advice. You will find Raul the next three Sundays from 11-2 at the Moosa Creek Nursery tables in the native plants section.

August Newsletter Specials

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In-Stock Fountains


California Native Plants

In the next section, "What's New at the Nursery,Steven has a plethora of cool plants that he tells us about. Then, Old Ben has a great overview of the "rarest bird in the world." If you missed it and would like to view last month's Mid-Summer Gardening Tips, click here.

We can't wait to see you. Please come visit us soon!

Warmest regards,

Marc, Mariah, Steven, and the Team at Anderson's

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What's New at the Steven Froess

Greetings Everyone, 


I hope you are all enjoying your summer. The weather has been just about perfect for the most part. Other than lacking some serious rainfall, the abundant sunshine keeps the plants looking very happy.

Fortunately, August is off to a rather humid start, a sign of monsoonal moisture which I hope will actually bring some summer rain. If anything, the cloud formations sure make for some beautiful sunsets and sunrises. As the severe drought continues in our area, we will continue to offer a great selection of low water/drought resistant plants as well as California natives, now on sale at 20% off (along with in-stock fountains!)


When you walk into the nursery you will see many different pollinators (birds, bees, and butterflies) enjoying the summer flowers that are in bloom right now. Some of our favorite pollinator attractors include Pentas, Lantana, Agastache, Yarrow, Salvia, Tecoma, Verbena, Hibiscus, Gomphrena, Asclepias (milkweed), Echinacea, Cuphea, African blue basil, and many more. Pollinators are very important for our ecosystem, especially if you have fruiting trees or a vegetable garden. 

I'm excited about a big order from Mountain States Nursery which just arrived and includes Sphaeralcea (desert mallow-shown below), Abutilon palmeri, Baccharis (great for slopes and erosion control), Leucophyllum 'Cimarron' (awesome drought tolerant with white leaves and purple flowers), Calliandra 'Sierra starr', many varieties of Hesperaloe- 'Brakelights', 'Funifera', 'Swan night lights', and 'Desert Flamenco'. 

There are also some drought tolerant trees coming in such as Acacia farnesiana 'Sweet Sierra' that when in bloom is covered with yellow ball-shaped flowers, Cercidium 'Desert museum', and Vitex agnus-castus.

A few other great native/drought tolerant plants that I recommend are Trichostema (purple flowers), Salvia spathacea (hummingbird sage), Monardella viminea (willowy mint), Grevillea 'Superb', Feijoa 'Bambino' (dwarf pineapple guava), and eriogonum grande rubescens (red flowering buckwheat), Chilopsis linearis 'Desert diva', and Sambucus blue elderberry just to name a few.  

Other noteworthy plants include Encore Azaleas which are frequent rebloomers for shade/partial sun. Jasmine sambac (Arabian jasmine, whose flower may look small but is very fragrant), Michelia champaca 'Alba' (also very fragrant), and Tibouchina heteromalla (starting to bloom!)

We also have a great restock of the succulent and cactus section with some interesting aloes, agaves, Mangaves, cacti, and so much more. Here is the wide-leaf hesperaloe 'Funifera' that grows 6-8 fee tall (impressive and low water!) with the euphorbia rigida (gopher plant) in between.

The greenhouse is full of amazing plants. Trees such as Ficus lyrata, 'Audrey', triangularis, and umbellata. Black Olive 'Shady lady' are also in with very limited quantities.

We even have a great selection of rare/uncommon plants such as variegated string of hearts, Syngonium 'Albo', string of turtles, Philodendron micans, 'Moonlight', 'Silver sword', 'Prince of orange', and Squamiferum.

Now is the time to plant your last summer batch of vegetables and herbs, berries, fruit trees and citrus. Fall will be a great time to harvest from your summer planting.

Thank you, again for all of your kind words and awesome support about our recent improvements to the nursery. It was a long winter and spring of straightening and cleaning up, but we feel like it's been worth it. Most especially for you, our wonderful customers!

Don't forget, school is almost back in session so the summer crowds and visitors will begin to dwindle down soon even though we will still be able to enjoy the beautiful weather. That concludes this month's newsletter. I hope to see you all at the nursery soon!  

Your local horticulturalist,


N E W S L E T T E R  |  S P E C I A L S

August Nursery Specials

20% Off




California Native Plants

(in photo: Vitus californica/

Calif. native red grape)

Offer expires Aug 31, 2022

From the Desk of

Old Ben...

"The Rarest Bird in the World"

In 1990, a group of Cambridge scientists arrived at the Plains of Nechisar in Ethiopia. On that expedition, they collected more than two dozen specimens and saw

more than three hundred species of birds, and lots of rare butterflies, dragonflies, reptiles, mammals, and plants. As they were gathering up their findings, a wing of an unidentified bird was packed into a brown paper bag. It was to become the most famous wing in the world.

This wing would set the world of science buzzing. The wing was entirely unique. It was like nothing they had ever seen before. Could a new species be named based on just one wing? After much discussion, a new species was announced. Nechisar Nightjar, or Camprimulgus Solala, which means "only wing." And so birdwatchers began to dream.

In 2009, a trip led by renowned ornithologist Ian Sinclair to the area where the wing was found located the nightjar on the first night they arrived. This nightjar was easily distinguishable from the more common smaller nightjars in the area. It was a large nightjar with huge white patches and was seen several times in the next few nights. While it appeared to be a male, the museum wing specimen had a more buffy patch and appeared to be that of an immature female bird.

Nightjars can be found all around the world, with the exception of Antarctica and certain island groups such as the Seychelles. They can be found in a variety of habitats, most commonly the open country with some vegetation. Its natural habitat is subtropical or tropical dry lowland grassland, and is threatened by habitat loss and therefore listed as vulnerable. Nightjars usually nest on the ground, with a habit of resting and roosting on roads. 

The subfamilies of nightjars have similar characteristics, including small feet, of little use for walking, and long, pointed wings. Typical nightjars, though have rictal bristles, longer bills, and softer plumage. The color of their plumage and their unusual perching habits help conceal them during the day.

Please check out our full line of local bird seed and wild bird products at Anderson's La Costa Nursery, your North County supplier of Old Ben's Workshop and Wild Birdseed.

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