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Selacia's Article & Invite to 8/20 Full Moon Meditation 

Navigate August Opportunities                     
-Stepping Into a New Crossroads-
by Selacia

As the energies in August heat up and intensify, it will be more important than ever to find your center and apply intuitively guided reason. You cannot afford to take things at face value or make quick judgments without researching all the facts. The world is not as it appears and things are changing at lightning speed.

In fact, with so much happening all at once, if you are not present you could miss opportunities and make decisions that you will regret later. Continue reading to learn more about what we face and how you can not only find your calm zone but thrive during this important phase of awakening happening across the world.

Understanding the Path to Now

If you are like most of us, you may already be weary of the relentless pace of intensity and change since 2016 began. You may have moments of simply wanting to stop the world, think of nothing, and do nothing. That's understandable.

This phase is not easy or simple, regardless of your awareness and substantial preparations to get to this point. As a divine changemaker, however, you did not sign up for easy or simple. You are a quantum and vast being, with countless types of trainings and experiences over the ages to prepare you for your current role.

You are encoded to be here! You are wired at a DNA level to be at the forefront of things, even when the world gets scary or crazy or just plain stupid. Your role is to courageously face what is in front of you and respond in a heart-centered way. Your role is to model for others how the new human faces uncertainty and relentless change. You do that by drawing upon what you already know and discovering additional tools specifically tailored to these unique moments.

One thing that gives you strength is remembering that this is not your first time here. If you had a resume with all that you as a soul had experienced and mastered, you would be in awe!

Most likely you were alive during other key flash points humanity experienced during ancient times. Places and civilizations involved included:  Egypt, Turkey, the Holy Land, Greece, the Inca, the Maya, Tibet, India, China, Atlantis, and Lemuria.

What I'm seeing now in my work with people is a huge momentum of remembering - men and women connecting with a knowing of having been on Earth during some of the earlier great civilizations. Sometimes how they begin to remember is through their children, for the kids being born now have fewer veils on their intuitive gifts. A six-year-old child may all of a sudden say: "Remember mommy when we went to that place in Turkey, that place they are showing on TV?"

Stepping Into a New Crossroads

Keeping this long history in mind, it can be easier to face new rounds of change and the countless unknowable factors of these moments.

The August energies are setting the stage for what will be a series of new crossroads humanity must move through between now and end-year. At each point along the way, we are being tested. When we become still and listen, we are shown by our intuitive guidance just how important this time is. We are reminded that there is a higher view to each and every piece of nonsense unfolding. We are nudged by spirit to go deeper and look for truth at a higher level.

As you may remember, my "2016 Predictions" article was about themes of truth and justice taking center stage. Those themes of course won't disappear after 2016, but this year is the time when these crucial issues are getting a huge cosmic spotlight. That spotlight is essential, as uncomfortable as it is, for a radical revolution of consciousness to be seeded and begin to unfold.

You are an essential part of this revolution!

Navigating August Cycles

For optimal success this month, become aware of key energy dates and learn more about how you personally are impacted by the ups-and-downs of planetary cycles. As an example, even an intense moon cycle stirring strong emotions can be a time of significant breakthroughs. You may meet an important person or see the culmination of efforts you first initiated months earlier.

To remain stable and connected to your inner voice it's helpful to get and stay aware of energies impacting the world. We are energetic beings, after all, being impacted by flows of energy that affect humanity in a universal way. Your success comes from being able to sense this larger dynamic when you are going about your personal life, doing business, and making plans.

A devastation or crisis in one place can send energetic ripples across the world. Even those unaware of these energies can feel tension or sadness. That's because we're now connected 24/7 through technology and we also share humanity's mass consciousness.

Take regular time-outs with meditation and self-care so that you can stay resourced. You will need both your inner and outer strength for the mega transitions unfolding over the next two months.

August Moon Watch

August 2 - Leo New Moon: This is a time to refocus your self-care and listen to your heart on a deeper level than before. Most likely, there is something your heart has been trying to tell you for a while now. As you listen more deeply, you may just find the insights needed to break through a key roadblock. You can start today with some powerful New Moon intentions. Make a list of five specific things, say them out loud to yourself, then put the list next to where you sleep.

August 18 - Aquarius Full Moon: During this cycle, extending into the weekend, you may find yourself seeking to enlarge your circle of like-minded people. After all, you are not meant to travel your path alone! Other potentials include getting in touch with the final piece of a puzzle that you haven't been able to resolve, perhaps all of your life or even lifetimes. It may involve a DNA-level pattern inherited from your ancestors, too. Know that whatever is appearing is key to your forward progression and that resolving it now within the DNA can make a huge difference in your life.

Mercury Retrograde - August 30

Just before August ends we have a three week Mercury Retrograde starting on the 30th.  Watch for time warps beyond the norm. Pay extra attention to details and apply discriminating wisdom to what you take in from the world. Some things that may have seemed completed may reappear for another review. It's an excellent time to review your goals, revisit self-care, and investigate adjustments you can make in how you position yourself in the world.

With all of these energies in the mix, do your best in August to be present and awake to yourself and the world. You are not here as a bystander. Give yourself permission to look deeply at things. Know that it's okay to make "mistakes" as you do what no one has done before. Believe in yourself and in your divine changemaker role. Trust as you walk your path that you are being guided by something much larger than you. Know that you are loved, no matter what happens.

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