August 19, 2015
PACE Case: MRM Opportunities
A CareKinesis Clinical Pharmacist performed a comprehensive medication review (CMR) on a newly enrolled 75 year old PACE participant. She had a significant past medical history of atrial fibrillation, CAD, Hyperlipidemia, CKD, pain and allergies. Her current pertinent medications (out of 16 total) were:

     -    Amiodarone 200mg daily
     -    Amlodipine 5mg daily
     -    Simvastatin 40mg daily
     -    Clopidogrel 75mg daily

While the participant was stable on her current regimen upon enrollment, the CareKinesis Clinical Pharmacist saw an opportunity for medication risk mitigation (MRM).

Quote of the Month
" We received no citations on our recent survey. A great day for us! 
All the hard work that everyone does, including CareKinesis, paid off.

 - Deborah Johnson
   Quality Compliance Officer, McGregor PACE
Medication Safety Focus 
Ongoing efforts by CareKinesis to improve medication safety include iteration of our medication risk mitigation system in EireneRx. Soon, the risk of medication-related arrhythmias will be added to our safety systems, alerting PACE clinicians of participant use of one or more medications that carry the risk of fatal arrhythmia. Driving this effort is Tabula Rasa HealthCare's new Chief Scientific Officer, Jacques Turgeon, BPharm, PhD, who is internationally recognized for his work on the drug metabolism and drug-drug interaction mechanisms.
Outcomes Trending for PACE
Through EireneRx and ReportPortal, CK PACE  clients are able to track, trend, and report on a variety of data points. CareKinesis also tracks and trends clinical information related to risk factors and pharmacy outcomes. Soon, clients will have easy-to-use visuals to help PACE organizations trend risk factors against census and hospitalizations and ED visits.
NPA: October 18-21 in Philaldelpia
It's NPA Conference season again! Time to reconvene with your PACE colleagues from across the nation; immerse yourself in PACE-specific learning; and scope out the best vendor give-aways. CareKinesis will be attending - here's our schedule thus far:

10/18 Dinner (Sunday) - Mutter Museum
10/20 Educational Sessions
  • Pharmacy Topics 1 @ 8am
  • Pharmacy Topics 2 @ 10am

And, come see our poster and visit us at booth #26!!! 
For advanced registration to dinner at the Mutter Museum, email RSVP.
Educational Opportunities


EireneRx 101 Webinar:   

September 10 @ 1pm ET 


Medical Director Clinical Advisory Panel Meeting:
September 18
We are passionate about improving lives for PACE participants through medication risk mitigation. For more information, visit or call 888-974-2763.
Happy Summer!