August 22, 2014
PACE Case: Phenytoin Challenges

A 59-year old female participant presented with a broken hip due to a fall. She has cerebral palsy with developmental delay, depression, seizure disorder, and a history of falls and alcoholism. The PACE physician contacted the CK clinical pharmacist because within the six months since enrollment, her phenytoin dose had been changed twice and had been a challenge to manage.   


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New Evidence - Fall Risk
Excerpted from: "The risk of fall injury in relation to commonly prescribed medications among older people - a Swedish case-control study"
Half of the top 20 most commonly prescribed medications significantly increase the risk of fall injuries. The adverse effect of several commonly prescribed medications may seriously threaten their positive effects on the well-being and quality of life of older people. Their association with injurious falls is of particular concern, as falls are prevalent and often lead to severe consequences.

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Quote of the Month
 "We appreciate the commitment and communication from your team...
on-site and on-call throughout this transition process.
We look forward to our continued partnership with CareKinesis.
 - Kim Stratman
   St. Paul's PACE
New DEA Controls for Tramadol & Vicodin

On August 18, 2014, tramadol (Ultram) was placed into the Schedule IV of the Controlled Substances Act, in an effort to reduce abuse and diversion of this medication. For more tramadol information, click here.  


The DEA recently published a stricter narcotic rule that categorizes hydrocodone combination products (e.g., pain medications including Vicodin and Norco) as a Schedule II drug. This rule will take effect late September, 2014. For more hydrocodone information, click here.   

Educational Events
Medication Management of UTIs: Take CaUTIon!
     August 28 @1pm ET
     Presenter: Dr. David Bankes, Clinical Pharmacist

EireneRx 101
     September 11 @ 3pm ET
     Presenter: Keith Omlor, Sr. Director, Client Development

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NPA - October 2014


This year, the NPA Annual Conference is in San Diego!. More information is on the NPA website, here. Planning to attend? CareKinesis and Capstone will be hosting a PACE appreciation event on Sunday, Oct. 26.


Please save the date! Invitations to follow.
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