August 23, 2016
HCV Protocol: A Guide for PACE Clinicians 
CareKinesis is pleased to provide our partners with our PACE-focused Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Therapy Protocol! At the request of our clients, this Protocol was developed to provide guidance in determining treatment benefit vs. risk, treatment options, monitoring, and special considerations. Also included are HCV Treatment Expectations and Monitoring Forms that may be beneficial for PACE.

The electronic version is available on the EireneRx Partner Resources page under the Clinical Resources section.  This document will be updated as new therapies are available.  As always, your CareKinesis Clinical Pharmacists are available to assist with personalizing HCV therapy management for participants. 

If you are not a CareKinesis client but want to know more, email us!
Washington Post: Over-Prescribing in the Elderly
(from 8/16   The Washington Post )
An increasing number of elderly patients nationwide are on multiple medications to treat chronic diseases, raising their chances of dangerous drug interactions and serious side effects. Often the drugs are prescribed by different specialists who don't communicate with each other. If those patients are hospitalized, doctors making the rounds add to the list - and some of the drugs they prescribe may be unnecessary or unsuitable.

"This is America's other drug problem - polypharmacy," said Maristela Garcia, director of the inpatient geriatric unit at UCLA Medical Center in Santa Monica, Calif. "And the problem is huge." Read the full story here .
Participant PGx Testing for Safety
CareKinesis provides pharmacogenomic (PGx) testing and interpretation services to clients. Understanding how a participant responds to medications helps us ensure that he/she is taking the right drugs, right doses, at the right time(s) and reduces 'trial-and-error' prescribing.

As of July 2016, we have facilitated PGx testing for more than 450 individuals, and identified potential or actual drug-drug/drug-gene problems in approximately 45% of those tested. The most common drug-gene interactions discovered were with clopidogrel, warfarin, and metoprolol. For more information on PGx-informed medication management, or to engage with our PGx experts, email
PACE Webinar: The First 90 Days
On September 8, Sara Baughn and Carlos Perez from CareKinesis join AEC Consulting's Mandy Hurley to present " The First 90 Days: Efficiently Onboarding & Retaining New Participants."

Upcoming NPA Conference
Yes, it's that time again! This year, the NPA Annual Conference will be in San Francisco. CareKinesis and Capstone Performance Systems will be co-hosting "California Uncorked," a wine tasting and dinner reception on Sunday, October 23. Mark your calendars! Click here to RSVP.
Learning Opportunities
September 7 @ 3pm ET
October 13 @ 11am ET

On-demand CE-accredited webinars are available to partnering PACE organizations at no cost through the EireneRx Partner Page. Our newest session, Urinary Incontinence and Urinary Retention is now available! 

We are passionate about improving lives for PACE participants through medication risk mitigation. Visit us at, or call 888-974-2763 for more information.