Do Not Miss Patients Day 2017
This year's Patients Day is going to be our biggest and best yet and you cannot afford to miss out.
Here are some reasons why you should book your place today:

We have some of the leading international speakers attending.
 New discussion topics picked from YOUR feedback so you can  gain additional knowledge of your condition and listen to new research on drugs and devices which may help you in the future.
Plus this is the perfect opportunity to meet face to face with the staff who have been so helpful on the phone!
Get Involved
Arrhythmia Alliance & AF Association have partnered with Happitech, WPP Sudler & Bug Labs to launch Heart for Heart. This initiative invites people to participate in the world’s largest crowdsourced heart health initiative by inviting them to contribute their heart rhythm data using the free Heart for Heart iPhone App. 
Become a Friend
 Please consider becoming a Friend because without your support we cannot continue to provide our vital services. Find out more by clicking on your chosen charity today.

Defibs Save Lives

We have worked with many community groups, clubs and individuals to help place lifesaving equipment for use in the event of an emergency.

CPR alone saves just 9% of people who suffer from a sudden cardiac arrest.

CPR and an automated external defibrillator (AED) increases the chance of survival five-fold to more than 50%.

Defibs Save Lives is all about saving lives… by placing public-access AEDs and training people in CPR.

When AEDs get used – lives are saved!
Resource of the Month
STARS Syncope education: Sample school policy booklet
With school starting in September we want you take the opportunity to download your free copy of our Syncope education: Sample school policy booklet.

This booklet is great to share with your children and their teachers if your child has been diagnosed with syncope.
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