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From our director…

Crossing the Finish Line

I DID IT! I completed the Divas Triathlon in Longmont, Colorado on July 29 th. As I shared last month, I trained and completed the race as a member of the Roaring Fork Women’s Triathlon Team (RFWTT). Being part of the team made the race easier than if I had trained/ran it on my own. As I passed others, or more commonly - as other’s passed me - wearing the same black singlet - we cheered for each other; cheered for our team! The anticipation of finding and supporting other members of my team made the time go by faster and the race more fun.

Now, I am completing another milestone.  After four years as Executive Director at Alpine Legal Services, I am moving on. I have accepted a position as an attorney at The Harris Law Firm in Denver, Colorado. I am looking forward to the change and for the opportunity to live closer to my two nearly grown sons, and to simplify my life.

Yet, just as when I crossed the finish line in the triathlon, I am feeling a flood of mixed emotions. Relief from completing the race, pride for doing my best but also a tinge of sadness for moving away from my friends, my supporters.

I am proud of the work that I did while at Alpine Legal Services. I am proud of the programs created that make the justice system accessible to more individuals in our beautiful valley.  Senior Law Day, Family Resource Day, and “Night at the Bar” could not have happened if it wasn’t for several people and organizations coming together for a common purpose. I am proud of the work Alpine Legal Services has done for the many thousands of our most vulnerable residents, who had no place to turn for help, to fight injustice or even to just become more educated about the law and their rights. It is only with the hard work of my staff: Sue, Katie, Emily, Elizabeth, Eric, Mary, and Kensuke, that we have been able to have success. 

Finally, I am proud of all the supporters of Alpine. I have met so many people who give what they can to support the principle of “ and justice for all….Board members, volunteers, private attorneys, donors, and funders all make it possible for Alpine to continue in their effort to ensure that the fundamental rights of ALL of our Valley residents are protected.

The next Executive Director will undoubtedly take Alpine to the “next level.” I am excited about that prospect as well. Remember that no one individual can do it one his/her own. As on any team, with the support of each other not only will we work harder, be more productive, but also have more fun. 

Kim Gent , Esq.
Former Executive Director, Alpine Legal Services
Reminder ~ New location of our Aspen Office

The Aspen off of Alpine Legal Services has MOVED from the Health and Human Services Building to the Lower Level of the Pitkin County Courthouse.  We are excited that it will be easier for our clients & potential clients to locate us and to be more accessible to the Court and Court Staff. Our Aspen phone number of 970-920-3032 will remain the same.
Upcoming Events
September 4th • 2:00pm
Free 15-minute legal consultations
Call 970-920-5432 to register

September 11th - CMC Glenwood

Emily Simeone, Esq
September 20th - 1:00pm
Pitkin Senior Services • Aspen
F ind out what rights Grandparents have regarding parenting time and establishing custody of their grand-children. More info: 970-920-5432

October 13th • 6:30pm - 10pm
The Temporary - Basalt
Alpine Legal Services FUNdraiser featuring the Rock 'n' Roll sounds of Jes Grew, a Wall of Wine and more!
Tickets on sale mid-September.

October 19th • 9:00am - 3:45pm
Doors open at 8am
Basalt Middle School • Basalt
Register for this FREE event by logging on to:

October 2018 - Details Coming Soon!
Guardians of Justice
We would like to thank the following individuals who have kindly supported Alpine Legal Services in the past month:

  • Kensuke Suzuki
  • Kristine Stenson, Esq.
  • Bobby Jones
  • Clarie Guidas

Thank you for generously donating your time, energy and expertise to help members of our community in their time of need.
Non-Profit Highlights

Long-time supporter of Alpine Legal Services, the Anschutz Family Foundation supports rural and urban Colorado nonprofit organizations through grants that allow recipients to help themselves while nurturing and preserving their self-respect. The Foundation encourages endeavors that strengthen families and communities and advance individuals to become productive & responsible citizens.  

Aligned with Alpine Legal Services, the Anschutz Family Foundation has a special interest in self-sufficiency, community development and programs aimed at the  economically disadvantaged children & youth seniors  and the  disabled . More information on the Foundation, their mission, grant opportunities and their involvement in our region may be found at

Thank you Anschutz Family Foundation for all that you do!
Rural Philanthropy Days: June 2019

Rural Philanthropy Days (RPD) is a three-day conference, planned with the support and guidance of staff from the Anschutz Family Foundation and the Community Resource Center, executed by regional volunteer steering committees.

Garfield, Pitkin & Eagle Counties are part of the Western Slope Rural Philanthropy Days which will have their next meeting in June 2019. A volunteer steering committee consisting of 20-30 local nonprofit, government, community and business leaders plan and execute each RPD. If you are interested in getting involved, volunteering or attending this wonderful opportunity for non-profit organizations in rural communities to meet face to face with funders from the Front Range , log on to
About Alpine Legal Services

Alpine Legal Services is a private, non-profit legal assistance agency dedicated to providing legal services in Garfield, Pitkin and Western Eagle Counties for more than a quarter century. To ensure access to justice by providing and coordinating quality legal services that protect and advance fundamental legal rights, we rely on your donations.

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