August 2019
AER Bulletin 2019-16: National Energy Board Safety Advisory  
On July 3, 2019, the National Energy Board issued safety advisory NEB SA 2019-01 to inform pipeline operators of a potential hazard regarding API 5L Monogram Electric Resistance Weld pipe joints. Licensees must conduct an engineering assessment if they become aware of a condition that can lead to failures in their pipeline systems.

A copy of Bulletin 2019-16 can be found here.
AER Bulletin 2019-17: 2019/20 AER Administration Fees (Industry Levy)  
On July 11, 2019 the AER announced that the administrative fees for 2019/20 will be collected in two instalments as the AER's 2019/20 budget has not yet been approved. Invoices to operators detailing the fee calculations were mailed on July 12, 2019, and payments are due by August 12, 2019 .

A copy of Bulletin 2019-17 can be found here.

Well Testing Services at Benoit
To support Benoit's regulatory application and compliance related submissions, Benoit now utilizes an in-house well test analysis expert, Mr. Reza Ali, C.E.T.

Mr. Ali has over 30 years of experience specializing in domestic and international Flow and Build-Up, Production Data and DFIT Analyses. 

If you would like a well test analyzed or if you would simply like more information on our well testing services, please feel free to contact Robyn (at 403.263.3690) or Jason (at 403.874.6769). You may also contact R eza Ali directly at 403.454.0430.

Integrated Compliance Management Program (ICMP) at Benoit
Did you know that Benoit provides a service which covers our regulatory application, liability management ratio and evaluation services under one umbrella?
 Under this program, Benoit acts as a “regulatory arm” for your company by receiving and responding to all compliance related matters on your company’s behalf.

As your regulatory designate, in addition to our regulatory application service, Benoit conducts a number of additional services including, but not limited to:

  • Inactive Well Compliance Program Monitoring
  • Liability Management Rating Forecasting
  • DDS Entry for Well/Completion Details
  • Flaring Notifications
  • Well Test Data Submissions
  • Gas Conservation Economic Analyses
  • Monthly VRR calculations/updates for Enhanced Recovery Schemes

If you're interested in this service or would like to discuss this further, please contact us or visit our website for more information

AER Bulletin 2019-18: New Working Interest Cost Claim Form 
On July 15, 2019, the AER released a new form for submitting cost claims for defaulting working interest participants. The entire process for working interest claims has been set out by the Orphan Well Association on their website under Producers > Working Interest Claims .

The updated form is available on under Forms > Liability Management .

A copy of Bulletin 2019-18 can be found here.

BCOGC Industry Bulletin 2019-15: Corporate Amalgamation eSubmission Update
On June 18, 2019, the BCOGC launched an online application process for corporate name changes in eSubmission. As corporate amalgamations are submitted through eSubmission, a Corporate Structure Change Application form will no longer be required. The Permit Operations and Administration manual will be updated in August 2019 to reflect these changes. 

A copy of Industry Bulletin 2019-15 can be found here.  

BCOGC Industry Bulletin 2019-18: New Fugitive Emissions Management Guideline
On July 18, 2019, the BCOGC released a new guideline on the management of fugitive methane emissions. The Fugitive Emissions Management Guideline is intended to support the new leak detection and repair requirements of the Drilling and Production Regulation that come into effect on Jan. 1, 2020.

A copy of Industry Bulletin 2019-18 can be found here.  

SK: Bulletin 2019-004: Directive PNG006 - Horizontal Oil Well Requirements
On June 28, 2019, an updated version of Directive PNG006: Horizontal Oil Well Requirements came into effect. The update involves a minor revision to the template Crown/Freehold Pooling Declaration Letter in Appendix 1 of Directive PNG006 .

A copy of Bulletin 2019-004 can be found here.

SK: Bulletin 2019-005: Directive PNG015 - Well Abandonment Requirements
On July 3, 2019, a revised version of Directive PNG015: Well Abandonment Requirements came into effect. The revised Directive PNG015 replaces The Oil and Gas Conservation Regulations, 2012 with respect to technical requirements for the abandonment of oil and gas wells in Saskatchewan and includes information on applying to the Ministry of Energy and Resources (ER) for an authorization to conduct a well abandonment.  

A copy of Bulletin 2019-005 can be found here.

SK: Bulletin 2019-008: Directive PNG014 HDD reporting requirements
On July 5, 2019, a clarification on Directive PNG014, which sets out notification and reporting requirements for HDD (Horizontal Directional Drilling) type incidents, was released. The Ministry of Energy and Resources (ER) considers industry in compliance with Directive PNG014 if pipeline licence holders and operators follow the reporting procedures outlined in this bulletin.

A copy of Bulletin 2019-008 can be found here.

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