Celebrating 50 years of the Stettler Airport
The Stettler Airport, a hidden gem, is used by a cross section of the aviation industry and is turning 50 this year. Often times the Stettler Airport is overlooked as an important part of the local economy but with 50 years under it's belt it can't be ignored. In our fast-paced world, flight improves the efficiency and Stettler is fortunate to be able to offer our relatively quiet facilities for hands-on training to potential pilots.

Many businesses in the area use the airport as a way to connect with customers and executives. Norm Lyster, Owner of Lyster Farms, is a frequent user of the airport, “The Stettler Airport has been very important to my business. I have been able to access parts for my equipment in mere hours by flying to pick them up rather than waiting days for delivery- particularly over weekends. This has allowed me to run my business efficiently. I am also able to attend Agricultural meetings across Western Canada without worry of the time lost due to travel.”

Another very important use of the airport is in the healthcare industry. The well-known STARS air ambulance, which will use the airport for medical evacuations, frequents the Stettler Airport. Surprising to most Stettler residents, only the smaller STARS helicopters are able to land at the helipad at Stettler Hospital. Therefore increasing the importance of the airport as part of the medical emergency response we so dearly value in Alberta. The airport is also utilized by other medical services including physicians providing specialist medical care, some of them flying as far as Ontario. Services provided by the airport have been beneficial in supporting our local economy and healthcare system for the last 50 years. New to the airport this year is a Precision GPS Approach for the runway. "This new certified status will be fully active by the end of this year and will allow aircraft to land and depart from the airport in weather conditions that would of normally of been prohibitive. The GPS approach is not a piece of special equipment but rather a certified and precision mapping of the routes that aircraft will follow when coming and going from Stettler thru clouds and snow that obscure visual conditions. This new approach will enhance STARS and Air Ambulance ability to get into our community in less than ideal visual conditions." added Cam Andres, President of the Stettler Flying Club.

With the support of the Stettler Flying Club, residents and visitors are able to use the airport for non-airport related public events held throughout the year, like the Stettler Car Club Shootout. Business owners are able to move clients and executive around the community and different locations in the country.

After 50 years the Stettler Airport continues to be a valuable resource for the community and the future is bright. The airport is owned by the Town of Stettler, operated and funded in cooperation with the County of Stettler and the Stettler Flying Club, with advisory services provided by the members of the volunteer Stettler Airport Board.

Tucked just outside of Town, within the County of Stettler, is the Stettler Airport- a well maintained airport with a 3 000 foot asphalt runway, aviation fuel sales, ARCAL lighting system and affordable hanger rates. Used by many local residents, professionals, and visitors, the Stettler airport offers the opportunity to enjoy your flying skills and aid in convenience. Stettler Flying Club memberships are available for $20 annually. 
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