August 2020

Imagine the unthinkable! What will it take to build a better post pandemic world?
"When you see something that is not right, not fair, not just, you have to speak up. You have to say something; you have to do something."
Re-imagining the 2020 SEACAA Annual Conference: From In-Person to a consequence of the pandemic and necessary for the health and safety of our membership, partners, stakeholders and staff. We look forward to bringing you an online, virtual event that will help us deliver on our Promise and stay Stronger Together during these uncertain times.

REGISTER NOW! 2020 Virtual Annual SEACAA Conference - November 4-6.
Pre-conference - November 3. Registration coming soon.
Look for updates and more details on the SEACAA conference webpage.
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Looking for Stay-at-Home Professional Learning Opps?
Well look no further!........ SEACAA offers a series of web-based e-learning platforms Executive/Deputy Director, Financial and HR professional certification programs that are self-paced and accessible 24 hours/day, 7 days/week to accommodate your schedule.........OR
think about the SEACAA Certified Community Action Management Program (CCAMP) with two certification programs for all members interested in achieving high educational and professional standards in community engagement and management. No matter where you are on your remote learning journey, these courses can help you meet your goals. Enroll Now!
“The issue of preëxisting conditions doesn’t just happen....There’s a whole political economy that’s made Blacks more vulnerable to having preëxisting conditions.” - Darrick Hamilton, Executive Director, Kirwan Institute for the Study of Race and Ethnicity, Ohio State University
“A deep rooted strength is the result of a difficult journey.
Karen Gibbs

Now, more than ever, we should be connecting with our communities and educating them about our agencies. Social media is our ticket to reaching more people in need, soliciting more donations, educating more people, and building more awareness.
So take the challenge!.....continue
Read more about the 5 P's of Social Media.

"Let’s start using it with purpose. Let’s start taking advantage of the chance to exponentially grow our advocacy work and outreach." - Mariah Handy, NCCAA Communications Fellow,
Regional Stories that Inform, Empower and Transform
A Time for National Healing
KY - Distraught about the incidents of brutality and injustices in KY and across the nation, Executive Directors, Catrena Bowman-Thomas, Northern Kentucky Community Action Commission and Sharon Price, Community Action Council for Lexington-Fayette, Bourbon, Harrison and Nicholas Counties, Inc., step out and take a proactive stance to get answers.

"Shortly after the deaths of George Floyd and Breonna Taylor, and the peaceful protesting that followed in Kentucky and throughout the country, Sharon and I decided that we wanted to host a series of podcast discussions centering around one key question: “What’s the Protocol?” .........we wanted to know, how do young men and women from various racial and family backgrounds respond when interacting with members of law enforcement? What implicit or explicit instructions have youth received regarding their behavior or conduct with law enforcement? "..........more
Host Sharon Delphin Price and Co-host Catrena Bowman sit down with Police Chief Scott Smith of Ludlow, KY; Alecia Webb-Edgington, Retired Major of Kentucky State Police; Police Chief Michael Spike in this podcast.
July 5, 2020
"Life will give you whatever experience is most helpful for the evolution of your consciousness."
Shape the Future of Your Community
Are You Up For the Challenge?
Census results shape the future of communities, as census data informs how billions of dollars in federal funds are spent for the next 10 years.

Use this map to keep up with response rates in your state, city, town, or neighborhood.
Graphics for social media channels.
TN - Since the COVID-19 pandemic began this past winter, UETHDA has seen a 137% increase in numbers of households served from last year. While many companies have had to scale back during this time, it has been all hands-on-deck during this unique crisis, and........continue
KY - Fear and anxiety have reached new levels during this pandemic - no one can deny that..........but when KCEOC Community Action Partnership thinks of crisis, "we see the faces of poverty stricken families; those vulnerable of going hungry, those starving, those that are abused, victimized, trafficked, those struggling with addiction, the homeless population who have no place to lay their head at night, and the lonely senior citizens wondering how why no one has come to visit. We see the forgotten, the forsaken, we see the invisible- we see people whose everyday is a crisis."
"When this pandemic has ended and life as we knew it returns to normal, we will be here to celebrate as the fear and uncertainty slowly fades from memory. "
At Home
Wellness Resources for Living a Healthy Life during the Pandemic
An exercise to help your body release the stress of constantly bracing for a disaster......continue
Coronavirus has turned the world upside down- from being stuck inside to caring for sick family members to needing to keep 6 feet between yourself and... everyone.
You are not alone, there are millions of people navigating the new normal and most of them are wearing yesterday’s sweatpants.
You got this!

Solitude is a skill. You can get better at it with practice.
Regional & National News
Congratulations CCAP Class of 2020 !
21 New Certified Community Action Professionals from the southeast join the ranks!

Tina Baker, Montgomery Community Action
Holly Hicks, CAP of Northern Alabama
Benjamin Jones, Montgomery Community Action
Brenda Nettles, Mobile Community Action
Christall B. Azcarate, Northeast Florida Community Action
Jill Gass, Step Up Suncoast
Pa Huoa Lee-Yang, The Agricultural and Labor Program, Inc.
Faith Pullen, Florida Association for Community Action, Inc.
Amy Yount Tittle, Step Up Suncoast
Sam Clausi, Louisville Metro Office of Resilience and Community Services
Dana East. Community Action Council
Barry Johnston, Audubon Area Community Services
Jessica R. Miles, Central Kentucky Community Action Council
Wanda Thacker, Big Sandy Area Community Action Program
Ginell Rogers, Nash Edgecombe Economic Development, Inc.
Susan Salzman, Gaston Community Action
Kelly Buckson, South Carolina Office of Economic Opportunity
Zsaquez Flucker, GLEAMNS Human Resource
Shenika L White Gibbs, Waccamaw Economic Opportunity Council
Marvin D. Cox, Metro Action Commission
CONGRATULATIONS to Metropolitan Action Commission of Nashville and Davidson County Adult Ed grads who persevered through a tornado and COVID-19. Pictured at virtual graduation.
In the Region
MS - MACCA is pleased to announce Nicole W. Claiborne as the new Executive Director. Mrs. Claiborne has more than 26 years of experience in the nonprofit sector. Prior to joining MACCA, she was the Operations Director for Social Work p.r.n. and Divisional Social Services Director for the Salvation Army/Alabama, Mississippi, & Louisiana Divisional Headquarters.....continue

"Ms. Claiborne has brought 3 E’s to the Mississippi Association of Community Action Agencies (MACAA) with her which include, but not limited to ‘Experience, Enthusiasm, and Excitement’. ~ MACCA President, Executive Director, South Central Community Action Agency, and SEACAA Board Member, Sheletta Buckley
with Tim Center, CEO of The Capital Area Community Action Agency and FACA Board Treasurer - 4:57
Tim discusses their work in reducing the detrimental effects of poverty in this clip.

North Carolina
Listen Up NC - "One Mission, One Voice"
NC - The NCCAA Community Action Association launched a statewide public information and social media campaign in partnership with the NC Head Start Association in July to increase awareness and get the word out about available services.
Click here to listen to the first radio clip - Episode 1 on Community Action.
A True Success Story!
Homeless to Head Start Regional Director for NW Tennessee: Rakaya Humphreys can help Head Start families from personal experience

TN - Twenty years ago, Rakaya Humphreys, could only have dreamed about being where she is today as a homeless young mother trying to find her way....more

Congratulations, Rakaya!

KY - When the COVID-19 pandemic and its economic disruption swept across the nation, Community Action Kentucky immediately saw the value its network could bring to an innovative new statewide partnership....more
South Carolina

SC - South Carolina Association of Community Action Partnerships, Inc. (SCACAP) is pleased to announce the launching of the SCACAP Statewide Youth Leadership Virtual Academy to be held during Monday, August 3 – Thursday, August 13, 2020.
"The State T/TA Plan is not intended to be a binding document, but instead a living document...."
The State T/TA Plan includes identifying T/TA needs related to Human Capacity and Community Transformation (HHCT) Initiatives. The HCCT Initiative complements existing capacity-building efforts by highlighting transformative practices (at the family and/or community level) and promoting capacity building across the Network to more broadly implement those transformative practices......continue

List to be used as initiatives are being considered for selection as “highlighted” HCCT initiatives.
COVID Response and Resources
News Alerts
For work across sectors in low-income communities to improve health and well-being.
Map shows deaths increasing in six of 8 states in the region - 7/28.
Check out the many great resources provided by the Partnership related to CA and COVID-19 here!
Here are 8 new habits people want to keep post-lockdown.
1) Reducing consumerism
2) Slowing down and putting less pressure on ourselves
3) Prioritizing family and friends
4) Ethical action and activism in our highly interconnected world
5) Exercising daily
6) Baking, vegetarian cooking, and growing herbs
7) Spending more time in nature
8) Working from home, if possible
If you don’t emerge from this pandemic with any great new habits, it is absolutely all right. Sometimes surviving is an accomplishment in itself!
Still to Come.... Mark Your Calendar

SCACAP Statewide Youth Leadership Virtual Academy
National Partnership Annual Meeting, Seattle Washington
NCAP Wednesday Webinar - Applying the Racial Equity Lens to This Moment: A Resource Tour/
12:00pm ET Register Here
FACA 40th annual Training Conference
SEACAA Board of Directors Meeting
2020 NCAF Annual Conference (rescheduled)

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