Volume Eight | August 2019
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Marc Steele
Marc has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2002 and is our Northern IA School Bus Sales Consultant.

Cell: 641.512.3854
Danny Thede
Danny has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2015 and is our Southern IA School Bus Sales Consultant.

Cell: 641.750.6428
Chris Sexton
Chris has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2013 and is our Used Inventory Sales Manager.

Cell: 763.203.3886
Direct: 763.271.2974
Brian Watley
Brian has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2017 and is our Sales Manager.

Cell: 612.940.3477
Direct: 763.271.8750
This years Unsung Hero is Brenda Otto!

Congratulations Brenda!

Her peers had to say the following:
Brenda has helped improve processes, is always willing to work positively across depts. She doesn’t just take “because we’ve always done it that way” for an answer. She seeks to understand why and looks for ways to do it better. Brenda is willing to pitch in wherever she can to get buses delivered and has a positive attitude and genuinely cares about the business, her co-workers, and customers.
Parts Specials - 641.351.7650
Our Parts Department carries an extensive inventory of “all makes” products and can supply everything needed to keep your vehicles running smoothly. We also offer daily delivery to local and metro areas in Minnesota. Our goal is to make ordering parts as easy as possible!
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IC Thermo Door Glass:
Tempered P/N: 452416003 - $72.99
Laminated P/N: 452416004 - $84.99
IC Driver Slider Laminated
P/N: 2209462C2 - $67.85
Orders of $250.00 or more will receive free shipping!*
*Freight charges (truck) are excluded
Al Lucas
Al has been with Hoglund Bus Company since 2016 and is our Iowa Parts Sales Consultant.

Cell: 641.750.8332
Our Service Department specializes in the repair of medium duty trucks, school buses and commercial buses. We are an authorized Allison, ArbocSV, BraunAbility, Carrier, Collins Bus, Champion Bus, Cummins Engine, IC Bus, International Truck, Glaval Bus, Ricon Lifts and TurtleTop service center. Our technicians are factory trained, ASE Certified, Master Certified and Diamond Certified in order to assist with all repairs and maintenance of your fleet. Our technicians are required to continue with ongoing classes and training.
Tech Specialist, Doug Yager
Doug Yager has been working with Hoglund Bus Company since 2007 and is our Diamond Certified Tech Specialist. Since 1978 Doug has been involved with the repair of fleets and has continued ongoing training to stay up to date with the ever changing industry and diagnostics of Navistar products.
D: 763.271.2982 E: service@hoglundbus.com
Warranty Support:
We invite you to contact our Warranty Dept. with any questions you might have. Contact Eric Farber at 763.271.2978 or eric.farber@hoglundbus.com
Mobile Service Available
Hoglund Bus Co. offers mobile service throughout parts of Iowa. If you can't make it to us, we'll come to you! To schedule your mobile service appointment, contact Greg Waters.
D: 641.351.7646
Did you know that Hoglund Bus Company is an Authorized Dealer for Cummins Engine Warranty? This includes all IC, Bluebird and Thomas buses that have Cummins engines.
Engine Oil Capacities
Applies To: All Electronic International Engines 1994 - Present. Cummins ISB, ISM & ISX

This document provides the User with a quick reference to engine oil capacities with oil filter change.

Oil capacities may differ for various applications.   
•   Add the minimum amount of oil recommended per engine Manufacturer.
•   Start the engine to circulate the oil.
•   Check the oil level per the Manufacturers procedure.
•  Adjust the oil level as needed.
Check that engine cranckcase is filled to the proper oil level (Figure 18) and with proper grade of oil for the prevailing temperature. Refer to "Engine Specifications" and "Engine Lubrication Requirements" in Section 6.
Service Interval: Before Engine Operation
  1. Park vehicle on level ground
  2. Shut down engine and wait 15 minutes
  3. Remove oil level gauge from fill tube
NOTE: Do not check oil level if engine is running or immediately after engine shutdown
Checking Engine Oil:
Check the engine oil regulary, every 400 mi, especially prior to a long trip. The engine oil dipstick handle is a loop. See left side engine compartment in the vehicle operation and maintenance manual for location.

If a low oil Driver Information Center message displays, check the oil level.
Follow these guidelines:
  • To get an accurate reading, park the vehicle on level ground. Check the engine oil level after the engine has been off for at least two hours. Checking the engine oil level on steep grades or too soon after engine shutoff can result in incorrect readings. Accuracy improves when checking a cold engine prior to starting. Remove the dipstick and check the level.
  • If unable to wait two hours, the engine must be off for at least 15 minutes if the engine is warm, or at least 30 minutes if the engine is not warm. Pull out the dipstick, wipe it with a clean paper towel or cloth, then push it back in all the way. Remove it again, keeping the tip down, and check the level.

Engine oil additives/Engine oil flushes
Do not add anything to the oil. The reccommended oils with the API service symbol are all that is needed for good performance and engine protection. Engine oil system flushes are not recommended and could cause engine damage not covered by vehicle warranty.
General Information:
  • The use of quality engine lubricating oils, combined with appropriate oil drain and lubricating oil filter change intervals, is a critical factor in maintaining engine performance and duribility.
  • Cummins Inc. recommends the use of a high quality 15W-40 multi-viscosity heavy-duty engine lubricating oil that meets the requirements of Cummins Engineering Specification (CES) 20078, or 20081 (such as Valvoline Premium Blue or Valvoline Premium Blue Extreme). For areas where products meeting CES20078 or 20081 are not readily available, a product meeting API CH-4 or CES 20076 can be used, but at a reduced drain interval. Reference the Oil Drain intervals by severity of service km(mi) section. The oil grades CC, CD, CE, CF, CG-4, and CF-4 have been obsoleted by API and must not be used.
  • Reference the Maintenance Schedule in the appropriate Owners or Operation and Maintenance Manuals.
  • Shortened drain intervals can be required with monograde oils, as determined by close monitoring of the oil condition with scheduled oil sampling. Use of single-grade oils can affect engine oil control.
  • Synthetic engine oils, API Group III and Group IV basestocks are recommended for use in Cummins engines operating in ambient temperature conditions consistently below -25 degrees C (-13 F). Above this temperature, petroleum-based multigrade lubricants are recommended. Synthetic 0W-30 oils that meet API Group III and Group IV basestocks can be used in operations where the ambient temperature never exceeds 0C (32F). 0W-30 oils do not offer the same level of protection against fuel dilution as do higher multigrade oils. Higher cylinder wear can be experienced when using 0W-30 oils in high-load situations.
* See around entire motor making it easier to perform repairs and pre trip inspections
* No locking bar needed to keep hood up – no slam design
* No tool required for replacing the headlights or air cleaner
* Premium hoses and Constant torque clamps - standard
* 16 gauge side sheets – staggered rivet pattern
* 1 piece rub rails with steel formed ends – fully sealed at top
* 3 rub rails at rear of bus for added protection
* No external hinges
* Updated passenger windows
* Flat rear door – hinges at top and bottom – greese-able
* Manual reset circuits – standard
* Full thermo windows in entrance door – standard
* Rubber mud flaps – standard
* Full sound abatement package - standard
* Chemguard – metal treatment applied before undercoating
* Steel fuel cage – no matter the fuel
* 10 cross members (8- Blue Bird, 7 – Thomas)
* Updated hydraulic brakes
* Eaton transmission (Cummins) Alison transmission (PSI) 7 year warranty included!
* Switch placement forward of driver
* Step well: Pebble tread with flex coating inside and out. Not built like a spiral staircase – steps are even height and width
* Child check system – not aftermarket
* Light check feature
* Premium drivers chair
* Students seats
* Seat belt ready – upgradable anytime to 2 point, 3 point and child restraint
* Modesty panels left and right – standard
* Full vinyl floor – not rubber
* Clipboard storage and cup holder - standard
* Front bulkhead storage- standard