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Loggerhead Sea turtle, Santa Rosa Wall, Cozumel Mexico. Paul Mila Photo

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Welcome to the August Sea-gra m  from  .

In case you're wondering if you missed the July Sea-gram, you didn't miss us -- we missed you.  July was a hectic month, so we're catching up now.
For any readers who stay at the Residencias Reef condos in Cozumel, the big news is that a loggerhead sea turtle (similar to the headline photo above) came onto our beach one night in June and made a nest, depositing about 100 eggs.
Someone took a photo of momma turtle searching for a suitable spot for her nest:  
   And the finished product:
Look for updates on the hatchlings in future Sea-grams.
We've also heard that we have a second nest now!
What do turtle eggs look like? Check out this youtube video from to see what the process entails for a sea turtle to lay her eggs:

This month's C onservation Corner article, A Great Summer Sea Turtle Story, was sent in
by Andrea B. Siebold, Sea Turtle Nest Adoption Coordinator for the Hilton Head Island Sea Turtle Protection Project.
Our Story Behind the Photo article is about the Splendid Toadfish, with a photo sent in by Jerry Kirton.
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I hope you enjoy Sea-gram !
Paul J. Mila
 Conservation Corner
  Little Girls Making A Big Difference  
                                                           By Andrea Seabold

Here is a great summer sea turtle story: 
In Kansas, 1500 miles from the nearest sea turtle, lives a ten year old girl named Ashley.  Last year, Ashley and her family vacationed on Hilton Head Island and went to one of the sea turtle talks put on by the Coastal Discovery Museum. 
Ashley was so interested and wanted so much to help save the sea turtles, that she saved up her money so she could adopt a nest this summer.  She wrote with her application: 
"I love sea turtles so much. I can't wait to get all the information about the nest. I am so happy to be able to have the opportunity to save a sea turtle."
Then this summer, Ashley, along with her sister and her cousin, did a lemonade stand in their Kansas neighborhood - to raise money to save the Hilton Head Island sea turtles!  They raised $142.51 - and donated $100.00 to the sea turtle project (holding back $42.51 for supplies to do it again ). 
"I told everyone that bought lemonade what we were doing it for, and we got a lot of donations."
Here is the budding ecologist and entrepreneur at work:

Andrea's Update:
It is hot on Hilton Head this week and the new nestings are slowing down (only one every day or so, bringing total to 397 nests). 
But more and more nests are hatching, and the team is doing several inventories a day. 
Here are three babies rescued from Nest #116 during the inventory this week:

Thanks for the update & story, Andrea.
Keep up the good work!

 Story Behind the Photo . . .
            Finding the Splendid Toadfish
                             by Andrea Kirton, Oklahoma City                       
This was sent in by Jerry Kirton, diving in Cozumel:

This Toadfish photo was taken by Andrea Kirton while diving Cedral Pass with Pancho in Cozumel, Mexico, 
June 18th, 2016.
Photo equipment:
Cannon One Shot with an Ikelight case.

Editor's Note: The Splendid Toadfish is difficult to find or photograph. They are usually spotted hiding under rocks or inside holes, with only their head visible and most of their bodies concealed.
There are many species of toadfish worldwide, but the Splendid Toadfish is only found in Cozumel.
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Conservation Corner:

Little Girls Making A Big Difference


Story Behind the Photo:

The Splendid Toadfish


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