August/September 2020
Hi Everybody,

The game of shadows, or psychological warfare, IS ON.
As dismantling of the systems take place, and closer we get to the
light/truth the bigger will be the shadow.
Don't fear!
This game has been on for thousands of years with different rulers/players and different methods and weapons of control,
manipulation and distraction.

For the new to be born, the old has to die.
The darkness has to come to the light,
and the ancient wounds have to be healed.

Native American and other indigenous people call it "Wetiko" - disease of the spirit; or an evil spirit that invades human minds and causes one to destroy others and nature.
This condition created separation(in our mind)
from the Mother Earth and each other, and is the root of all human
suffering and evil. It infiltrated our life and our psyche like a cancer.

"Hidden wounds have hidden agendas that hold us hostage to the past. Deep wounds may require bandaging at first, but to complete the healing process they must be exposed to air and sunlight. Conscious awareness must be brought to all unconscious beliefs and assumptions." - Paul Ferrini

And now, after thousands of years of bleeding from this ancient wound, we as a species are in our hospice moment, and yet still have a chance, we still have a choice... to either "die" and go back to non-physical.. or face and embrace the deepest darkest shadows that we've created, heal our original wound, reconnect with Mother Nature and
co-create New Life on Earth.
“An individual’s shadow is invariably bound up with the collective shadow of his group, and as he digests his own evil, a fragment of the collective evil is invariably co-digested at the same time.” - Erich Neumann

Turn within.
Stay focused on truth and and make no mistake,
There is nobody there to save you, or heal you.
Turn within.
We are the warriors of light that we've been waiting for.

Shambhala Warriors
(Tibetan Prophecy as shared by Joanna Macy)

"There comes a time when all life on Earth is in danger.
Great barbarian powers have arisen. Although these powers spend their wealth in preparations to annihilate each another, they have much in common: weapons of unfathomable devastation and technologies that lay waste our world. It is in this moment, when the future of all beings hangs by the frailest of threads, that the kingdom of Shambhala emerges.

You cannot go there, for it is not a place.
It exists in the hearts and minds of the Shambhala warriors.
And you can't recognize a Shambhala warrior by looking at her or him,
for they wear no uniforms or insignia, and they carry no banners to
show which side they are on. They have no barricades on which to climb
to threaten the enemy, or behind which they can rest or regroup.
They don't even have a home turf. Always they must move across the
terrain of the barbarians themselves.

Now the time has come when great courage -
moral and physical courage -
is required of the Shambhala warriors,
for they must go into the heart of the barbarian powers,
to dismantle the weapons - weapons in every sense of the word.
They must go where the armaments are made and deployed, and also
into the corridors of power where decisions are made.

Now the Shambhala warriors know that these weapons can be dismantled.That is because they are manomaya
(which means mind-made).
Made by the human mind, they can be unmade by the human mind.
The dangers threatening life on Earth are not visited upon us by any extraterrestrial power, or satanic deities, or preordained fate.
They arise from our own choices, our relationships,
our habits of thought and behavior.

So this is the time when the Shambhala warriors go into training.
How do they train? They train in the use of two weapons. What are they?
One weapon is compassion;
the other weapon is wisdom, or insight
into the radical interdependence of all phenomena.
Both are necessary.
Compassion gives you the fuel, the motive force,
to go where you need to go, to do what you need to do.
It means, essentially, to not be afraid of the pain of the world.
When you are not afraid of the pain of the world, nothing can stop you.
But by itself, that weapon is not enough: it can burn you out.
So you need the other, the knowledge of our inter-being.

With that wisdom you know that this is not a battle
between good guys and bad guys;
you know that the line between good and evil
runs through the landscape of every human heart.
You know that we are so interwoven in the fabric of life
that even the smallest act with clear intention has repercussions
beyond our capacity to measure or even see.
By itself, that insight seems abstract and cool,
so to keep moving, we need the heart of compassion as well."

So, when we recognize that the Shambhala warrior lives within all our hearts, and when we find the great courage to face our shadows and heal
our deepest wounds with compassion, love and wisdom,
then we certainly can transform and create Heaven on Earth!
And what a celebration it will be!

P.S. While strolling with my husband through Bayfront park last week,
I had a vision... it was brief but very clear vision..
there were hundreds and hundreds of people in the park...
nobody was wearing masks...
it was a celebration...
people were smiling, embracing and hugging each other...
and rivers of tears were indicating joy of unity,
victory of love and liberation of the soul!
We are FREE!!!...(I heard the echo)
My heart was singing and I felt peace...

With LOVE,
Dr. Tatiana

P.P.S. Please check the links at the bottom.
I strongly recommend you to watch the videos below,
especially testimony of Ronald Bernard, and 5 min of Zack Bush, M.D.
Enjoy it! and Thank you :)

NET of LIGHT Gathering and Meditation
(Every third Thursday of the month)

August 20 & September 17 | 7 pm

(Eagle Nebula, photo by Sean McDonald)

From "Our Love is Our Power", by Sharon McErlane:
"The time of Earth changes, foretold by ancient teachings is upon us. At such moments in history, the Divine comes to Earth to intervene. This time has been referred in many cultures as the time when God the Mother will return to earth. An aspect of the Divine Feminine(energy of Yin) has come to Earth in the form of the Great Council of Grandmothers. Their mission (and ours) is to restore the Feminine Principle of energy back to our beloved planet, which at this time suffers from a depletion of the energy of yin and an over supply of the energy of yang. "It is time to return to balance, and for this women must lead. Women must take the first step. It can be no other way." The Grandmothers ask us to participate during this time by casting the Net of Light. The Net of Light is lit by the hearts of those who hold it, lit by the sacred places on earth, by the saints, sages and avatars who have come to uphold our planet at this time and by all those who love life and gladly serve."
"The Net of Light will hold the Earth steady during the times of change."- they say.
Who are the Grandmothers? watch HERE
What is the Net of Light? watch HERE
And new development in Grandmothers work:
A Message from the TREES. watch HERE

If the message above resonates with you, please join us!
online and in person
235 N. Orange Ave. Suite 102

Online meeting link:

 Please RSVP: or
or call (941) 953-2209

I would so encourage you to watch this testimony!
It is raw and real and life affirming!
Expert witness and survivor Ronald Bernard, a Dutch whistleblower
and former elite banker, gave stunning testimony to the ITNJ Judicial Commission of Inquiry Into Human Trafficking and Child Sex Abuse in April, 2018 during the Commission Seatings in London at
Westminster Hall. (33 min) PLEASE watch this and share!

Watch the video HERE

Initiation is a series on Gaia where Matias De Stefano takes you on a journey to the origin of the universe, and guides you through the conscious evolution needed to transcend the dimensions that make up our reality. You will deepen your understanding of the structure of our shared reality and the importance of your presence.
I really recommend the whole series, and especially episode 2(season 1), called Duality. Matias explains that as we begin to understand this concept of duality, we can come to realize that everything that is experienced in life is a reflection of our own selves. Thus, it becomes important to love
yourself in every possible projection, just as you are taught to have compassion for others.(25 min)

Watch the video HERE

"We come from a place of universal acceptance and love, so what’s stopping us from enacting those aspects to life on Earth?"
5 min wisdom from Dr. Zack Bush. Enjoy it!

Watch the video HERE

Much Love to All!

Look forward to seeing you soon :)

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