Hang in there friends. Cooler temps and less rain are on the way. Most of us are feeling sluggish and uninspired as we near the end of summer. I hope I can provide some helpful suggestions to get you through the next few weeks.

Hate those under eye circles? Feel like you look older and more tired than you already are? Check out my tips on concealing those pesky dark areas.

Looking for some fall fashion ideas? Read below on best ways to transition your wardrobe from summer to fall when you live in an area that doesn't have a significent weather change from season to season.

To my existing clients - I'm always a phone call or email away if you need help with skin care, makeup, wardrobe organization, planning for a special event or any other fashion/style concerns. To my future clientss - now is the perfect time to learn how to look and feel your best with the right color palette, the right makeup colors and the right styles/fit. It's easy and fun and will change your life. Read what some clients have said in the "Reviews" below.

Stay cool. Stay safe.

Frustrated by those under-eye dark circles? Trying to conceal under-eye darkness is challenging; and it's one of my most frequently asked questions.

First, be aware of the two most common causes of this condition.

Lack of sleep 
Sleep deprivation can cause your skin to grow pale. This causes blood vessels beneath the skin to become more apparent, giving the appearance of dark circles. Getting at least seven to eight hours of sleep a night can help reduce the appearance of dark circles.


As you get older, the tissue around the eyes starts to thin, making them look puffy and swollen. There are some medical treatments that can specifically target age-induced under-eye circles, like fillers and laser therapy. Not everyone is a candidate for these procedures though so talk with your doctor about the right choice for you. 

Allergies and genetic factors often play a role in under-eye darkness as well. But knowing what may be causing this condition isn't really much help, is it? What you want to know is, "How can I apply makeup and/or concealer to minimze the problem?"

First, find a concealer that isn't too drying or too greasy. I find concealers in tubes with a sponge tip applictor tend to be greasy and don't have much staying power. Stick concealers in a tube like a lipstick can be drying. I prefer pot concealers as they tend to be neither too greasy or too drying.

Most concealers are available in just a few shades; typically light, medium and dark. Look for one that isn't too peachy or too pinky but instead is more neutral. Concealer should be several shades lighter than your foundation.

Once you've found the perfect concealer, you need to learn application tips. Most women will swipe concealer under the eyes along the lower lash line. Most often, this application tends to exxagerate the condition rather than minimize it.

Try this instead.
Before applying foundation, apply concealer with a brush in a triangular shape. Directly under your lower lash line, draw the base of the triangle with the point tipping towards the apples of your cheeks and blend. This helps to create an illusion of brighter under eyes by concealing any shadows. With stubborn dark areas, you may need to apply just a dab of concealer again on top of foundation. Make sure to blend well with your concealer brush or fingertips.
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That "rule" of fashion has been around for ages; but some rules are made to be broken and this is one of them. It's difficult to ban white from your wardrobe when you live in a year-round warm weather climate. There are ways to wear white appropriately during the fall/winter seasons.

First, pay attention to fabrication. A thin, sheer, gauzy white blouse may seem awkward in November or December even if the temps are mild. Instead, opt for a heavier fabric such as cotton or a microfiber blend. The same appplies to pants.
Not the best choices.
Better choices.

A white denim jacket is a good choice for fall and when it comes to a dress, a white dress with sleeves will be a better choice than a sleeveless dress. It's a matter of choosing fabrics that are a bit heavier and wearing styles that cover more of the body. Put away the shorts and tank tops and enjoy the opportunity to wear "real" clothes.

This Not this
What my clients are saying:

"Christine's services are so awesome! She has taught me what a difference colors, shapes, hem lengths - even eyeglasses - can have on my image. I'm so grateful that I found her."
Gini P.

  "I found Image Matters through a friend. I had quit coloring my hair and let the natural white color grow out. I found that the old colors I had in my closet and the little amount of makeup I was wearing didn’t look right anymore. In other words I was having an identity crisis and Christine came to my rescue. I call her my “Truth Mirror.” She worked with me and helped me discover my new identity. Identity crisis over. Thanks so much Christine!"
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