News and Updates | August/September 2023
Chapter Hosts Ninth Annual “Staying in the Game” 

On August 24, the chapter hosted its ninth annual Staying in the Game event at the Tampa Garden Club on beautiful Bayshore Boulevard. This year’s program shifted the event from its usual lunchtime format to an afternoon of coffee, CLE, and star-studded speakers. The event concluded with a networking happy hour featuring wine, beer, mocktails, and heavy appetizers.

The theme of the 2023 Staying in the Game event was Practicing with Purpose. The speakers focused on intentionality in their career decisions, inclusive of maintaining personal integrity, bouncing back from perceived failures, and balancing professional demands with personal passions and commitments. Just under 100 individuals attended the program, which featured a heart-warming fireside-chat style interview of Tampa Mayor Jane Castor by AdventHealth in-house counsel Elena Kohn; an inspiring practitioners’ panel skillfully moderated by Florida Circuit Judge Anne-Leigh Gaylord Moe that included U.S. Department of Justice Trial Attorney Reginald Cuyler, Jr., Simone Marstiller, of counsel at Gunster, and Ben Odom, Vice President of Business and Legal Affairs at NASCAR; and a powerful and moving keynote address by Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals Judge Barbara Lagoa. As an added bonus, the speakers showcased their personalities by choosing walk-up songs that were played as they made their way to the stage following their introductions. From Taylor Swift to Mary J. Blige, The Bee Gees, and Marc Anthony, the 2023 Staying in the Game program perfectly mixed light-hearted humor with resonating truths.

Staying in the Game co-chairs Meaghan Maus and Soma Nwokolo would like to thank the 2023 Staying in the Game committee for their tireless efforts in helping make this year’s event a success, the event’s numerous sponsors for their generosity, and the chapter’s leadership and members for their support. This event would not have been possible without you all!
August is National Dog Month: Celebrating the Pups, New and Old, of the TBCFBA 
Truffles (Erik and Bailey Johanson)

Truffles is an 18 year old miniature poodle with a big personality and an even bigger appetite. Truffles enjoys long slumbersome naps, sunbaking in the back yard, and twice daily feedings supplemented with roasted chicken.
Juniper (Michelle Moretz-Smith)

Juniper, or “June,” as she is known to her family and friends, was adopted in June 2022 from the SPCA. June is a little over two years old and is a wild child who enjoys greeting her family with a toy in her mouth.
Annie (Peter King)

Annie is a 4-year-old rescue adopted from the Humane Society auction at Pig Jig. Annie can seem ferocious when new people come to the house, but to her friends and family she is Sweet Annie! Annie loves the boat and fishing but hates the water. She also patrols the yard for unwelcome squirrels, lizards, possum, and other critters.
Chance (Judge Covington)

Chance is a 14 year old puggle: half pug and half beagle. Judge Covington rescued Chance after his prior owner passed away before Christmas in 2022. Chance has been residing with Judge Covington and her three pugs ever since. Chance gets to visit with his brothers (also rescued by other families before Christmas 2022) regularly, but has made it clear he loves his new home and adopted family.
Emily, Gabe, and Eli (Judge Covington)

Emily, Gabe, and Eli, pictured enjoying a beautiful Tampa Bay sunset from left to right, are Judge Covington’s trio of 14 year old rescue pugs. Emily is the boss and tells everyone else what to do. Emily, Gabe, and Eli came to Judge Covington about 8 years ago from Florida Pug Rescue.
Ruth (Mindi Richter)

Ruth is a 3 year old English bulldog. Like everyone else, Ruth learned how to become tech savvy during COVID and has not looked back!
Olivia (Kevin Napper)

Olivia is a 12 year old goldendoodle. Olivia joined the Napper household two years ago after her prior owner passed away. Olivia is very smart, quirky, and loving. Olivia loves going on walks through Hyde Park Village and will always sit and “high five” for a treat, like in the photo.
Chubbs (Joseline Hardrick)
Chubbs is an 11 year old yorkie. Chubbs got his name as a joke because he was the runt of the litter, but who’s laughing now? Certainly not Chubbs.  
Cosmo (Ellen Lyons)

Cosmo is a 7 year old labradoodle who isn’t afraid to smile for the camera. Cosmo loves to walk to Starbucks and Petco and eat greenies. Cosmo can jump very high, so high in fact, that people think he’s on springs.
Kona (Jordan Maglich)

Kona is a 4 year old Goldador: half Labrador Retriever and half Golden Retriever. As you can see, Kona enjoys keeping his pet parents’ hands full!
Brooklyn (Erin Jackson)

Brooklyn is a 5 year old Field English Cocker Spaniel with country music in her veins. Among keeping her family well entertained, Brooklyn’s claim to fame is that she shares a direct bloodline with Luke Bryan’s dog.
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