"My head says gym, but my heart says tacos." -Anonymous 
The class schedule for August is here! To register for any of the classes above, please click the register button below. If you'd like to view our entire class schedule, please click the calendar button. 
If our class dates don't work for you, then contact us about setting up a private class for your establishment. We will go anywhere in New England with 5 or more attendees and we will go anywhere in the US with 10 or more attendees . To set up a private class, please email Bud Konn at  info@hrfoodsafe.com .
Have you ever found a picture of food that looks delicious, but there isn't a recipe associated with it? Soon this won't be a problem anymore. Recently, MIT has created an algorithm that looks at photos of food and finds recipes based on the photos. It's currently in the beginning stages, but we're certainly excited. To read the news article, please click  here .
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