Here’s Looking at You Baby…. Baby Boomers!   
Who are the Baby boomers: They are the demographic cohort following the Silent Generation and preceding Generation X. The generation is most often defined as individuals born between 1946 and 1964, during the post-World War II baby boom. The boom has been described as “shockwave” and as “the pig in the python”, in particular, 76 million Americans were born during this timeframe.  The term “the pig in the python” refers to a sharp statistical increase represented as a bulge in an otherwise level pattern, used especially with reference to the baby-boom generation regarded as having a profound effect on consumer spending, society, etc. as they grow older. No matter who you are, what you do, or where you live in the world, your life has been touched by the inventive, smart and risk-taking cleverness of the baby boomers.

Their creative genius made the following possible: Home Computers, Cell Phones, Printers, Smart Watch, Smart TV, Alexa, Siri, Digital Cameras, iTunes, Wikipedia, YouTube, Twitter, Tracking Systems, Fed Ex, I Pads, I Pods, Ear Buds, Internet, Amazon, Zappos, Audible, On Line Shopping, Wireless Communication, GPS Systems Fit Bits, Social Media including Facebook, Myspace, Zoom, Instagram, Pinterest, QVC Network, Medical advances in body part replacements, hips, knees, shoulders, ankles, Artificial Intelligence, Bottled Water, Reverse Osmosis, Costco, Walmart, Starbucks, Microwave Ovens for home use, Self-publishing, Organic Food Industry, Frozen Foods, Fast Food Restaurants, Genetically Modified Foods, Designer Chocolate & Designer Wine, Organic Cosmetics and Hair Products, Hearing Aids, Dental Implants, Assisted Living Housing, Smart Vehicles, Safety Belts, Rear View Cameras, Birth Control, Baby strollers, Car seats, Baby Monitors, Human Genome,  Google, Pace Makers, Transplants, Advanced cosmetic surgery, Botox, Injectables, Liposuction, Tummy tucks,  Personal trainers, Life Coaching,  Designer Dogs, Dog Camps, Implanted Dog Chips, Computer generated-imagery.

I realize there are hundreds more creations I’ve not listed which have secured our personal and professional progress in societal acumen, including health and wellness, finances, spirituality, environmental and intergalactic discoveries.  

I also know there have been times when we have struggled and faced traumatic times during our Baby Boomer epoch; the Vietnam, Iraq and Afghanistan Wars, the assasination of President John F. Kennedy, H3N2 Influenza Virus 1968 with 100,00 deaths in US and 1 million worldwide, Kent State Shootings, Beatles disband, Watergate-Richard Nixon, Y2K problem, OJ Simson murders and trial, Bill Clinton impeachment, September 11 attacks, Earthquake and Tsunami Indian Ocean claimed 230,000 lives, Hurricane Katrina, 2007 Recession, and COVID 19, just to mention a few of the events we have witnessed. This list, of course, does not include our personal traumatic experiences. 

Aging steadily, we are still vital and contributing to Global economic success and giving voice to what matters to us most. We know progress does not come in a straight line. It zigzags from struggles to creative genius and back to struggles and so on.  We are continuously recreating ourselves. We find our way out of circumstances while gathering more knowledge and understanding of the world we inhabit. 

My point is this: we are a collective group of smart and creative people. There are millions of kind, generous, and moral people who build and empower and do not destroy, blame or condemn. Make no mistake about it, true to our nature, disasters and challenges force us to come together and formulate improvements for the future. In spite of the news media’s opinions, we will continue to evolve and thrive. It’s in our post war nature. We will continue to be a force for recovery, inventiveness and for good.  
Here’s looking at you Baby Boomers! 



A big welcome to my granddaughter,
Willa Boers Fusselman, born July 10, 2020.

We baby boomers are enjoying our grandchildren of all ages!

Dear Son, Dear Mom: Thoughts I Wanted You to Feel

Dear Son, Dear Mom: Thoughts I Wanted You to Feel, a collaboration between Hilda and her son and a #1 Amazon bestseller, is now available on Amazon.

The heartfelt book is a true tale of an uncommon birth of a mother's son and the dramatic events that ensue. Through a series of events, their relationship is broken and the account of recovery begins. Ultimately, mother and son recover from their brokenness and bond with absolute love for each other. Together, they are Somebody.


Eufora Nourish Beautifying Serum 
A unique oil complex for hair, skin and scalp with Kukui, Argan, Neem and Cranberry Oils. Soothes, softens, adds shine and moisture. 

Summer hot days and handwashing can dry and chap our hands. We highly recommend Nourish Beautifying Serum for both skin and hair. Apply serum on hands, massage into coticules and apply your favorite hand lotion. Best moisture ever! 

We are thrilled to be a partner salon of Eufora. The company truly exemplifies their mission statement as stated below:
We are dedicated to nurturing and serving the professional beauty industry, providing the high performance products, tools, education and inspiration essential for salons and stylists to prosper and thrive.

One of Samantha's many beautiful blow-outs.
Samantha's long hair blow-out.


No one is born lucky. Some are born into a great environment and thrive in life. Others are less fortunate in early life circumstances and seem to struggle for everything. We didn't choose those circumstances, but we can choose our luck.   
 -Victoria Trafton, Contributor
Living Brave…Finishing Strong   


Hairstyling is still one of the few industries requiring touch. During the past months many clients have expressed how they missed hugging and touching their friends and family members. This elbow to elbow, pretend touching, hugging just wasn’t enough. Fortunately, we have to touch the clients head, neck and ears to accomplish a simple haircut and style. 
Touching goes beyond the physical factor to feeling care and consideration. Touching also goes to the heart of what matters. We can touch someone’s life when we help educate them and give them a leg up in their career in hairstyling. 
Help me touch the lives of those who are attending Cosmetology School at Gateway Community College.

Dr. Hilda Villaverde Hairstylist Scholarship Endowment
For those who wish to donate you may do so online:  or by check payable to Maricopa Community Colleges Foundation. Mail to: GateWay Community College, 108 N. 40th St., Phoenix, AZ 85034  

Thank you for investing in our next generation.

Pluma Book Club
Maybe You Should Talk to Someone
-Lori Gottlieb

A special thank you to our Pluma clients. Our salon has been experiencing a tremendous number of referrals. We appreciate your trust in us and we are grateful for your friends, family members and the strangers that stop you at church and the grocery stores to comment on your hair!

And if you are seeking services of any kind, we are a great resource for everything from plumbing, reupholstery, painting, massage, and more!