Social Issues Readings | August 2015 
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Women Don't Need To Change The Way They Speak; Men Just Need To Learn How To Listen

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Social Issues Workshop series:
New this fall, the Social Issues Committee will be organizing a Social Issues Workshop series.  The workshops will be taking place the second Wed. of each month and are open to all women. Come and join us for a chance to explore different social issues affecting women in Calgary.
Women and Aging
September 9, 6-8pm.
This workshop will feature a short documentary about women's aging,. The discussion will involving smashing some stereotypes related to age, talking about the power of language as it relates to describing women's aging, thinking about our lives in the past, envisioning our lives in the future, and identifying ways we can value ourselves and the women around us throughout our lives. The challenge for participants will be to work together to come up with ideas for including women of all ages in our communities.

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