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Fall 2021 Registration
Yoga, Trail Running & Trail Hike
Special August Yoga Evening
August Adventure Hike
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August "Special" Classes
Yoga Bliss: Unwind & Recenter Class
Magical 90 minute night upstairs at the Heights!

Date: Monday August 23rd from 6:00pm - 7:30pm (all levels)
Style: Consists of gentle happy hips movement to unwind tight areas, then a soft stretch and finally a beautiful restore (straps, blocks and lots of blankets needed). Focus is on unwinding thoughtfully and feeding your body some love and attention while demanding nothing from it. Dress in layers as we will go from soft movement, light stretch and then pure stillness. BRING ON THE BLANKETS!
Cost: $20 plus hst ($22.60)
Location: upstairs at Heights in a beautiful setting

August Adventure Hike (2 Hrs)
Up for an adventure and want some company deep in the woods? Then this is for you!

Date: Sunday August 29th from 8:00am - 10:00am (all levels)
Description: This hike is for those already into hiking and comfortable hiking 1 hour no problem as this will be a 2 hour adventure. Given it is longer, our pace will be "mid of the pack" and calm/relaxed but moving well. We will explore and enjoy the forest and all its benefits.
Cost: $15 plus hst ($16.95)
Location: Horseshoe Valley area TBD
Fall 10 Week Yoga Session at the Heights
In-person yoga at the Heights with Vicki Tree is back this fall.

DATES: 10 week session (week of Monday, Sept 20th - Tuesday Nov 30th, 2021)

COST: $150 plus hst (Total = $169.50)

LOCATION: Upstairs at the Heights (unless unseen circumstances)

CLASS OPTIONS: (see class descriptions at bottom of newsletter)

  • Monday Flow 4:40pm
  • Monday Power Flow 6:00pm
  • Monday Gentle Release, Soothe & Restore 7:30pm
  • Tuesday Happy Hips 9:15 am
  • Tuesday Gentle Happy Hips 10:30 am
  • Tuesday 8am Stretch then Flow & Go (if full interest it will run)

BRING: mat, towel/blanket and strap (belt works) and blocks if you have them

REGISTER: Click below button or

**Please note Monday Nov. 11th Thanksgiving no class, Tuesday Nov 16th no class which makes it 10 weeks not 11 weeks
Trail Running & Trail Hike Classes
FINALLY...these class are back!

Fall is just around the corner so best get organized now.
Register for the either the Fall 2021 Trail Running or the Fall Trail Hike Class.

All levels. All paces. YES YOU CAN. We divide into groups naturally based on pace.


DATES: Thursdays from Sept 9th - Oct 14th (6 week session)

TIME: 6pm

COST: $80 plus hst (Total = $90.40)

LOCATION: TBD each week (local trails in Horseshoe Area)

CLASS OPTIONS: (both classes run at same location on same night)

  • Trail Running (or run/walk) Class
  • Trail Hike Class (power hike or regular)

Format for Trail Running Class
  • 50 minute walk/jog and a 10 minute stretch
  • No need to worry about your speed. The class will divide into 3 groups with various distances (2.5km – 6km options) and speeds. As long as you can run/walk a minimum of 3km (walks in between is fine) on the road, this is a perfect fit.
  • Three groups: Group A (walk/jog – plus walk all hills), Group B (jog – walking all hills) & Group C (advanced group – running the entire trail and longer distance.
  • Don’t fret – we will show you! Interested in starting to run? This class is for you too. Stop thinking – just come! Our goal is to enjoy – not to accomplish. Not interested in running at all? Check out the hiking class.

Format for Trail Hike Class
  • Power hike or reg hike for 50 minutes and a 10 minute stretch
  • Hike with the focus of getting your heart rate up and moving your body at a comfortable but challenging pace. The class will divide into 2 groups to accommodate various speeds and will cover 3 – 4km each week. All levels welcome. At your own pace – always!

BRING: running shoes and great attitude


Power Flow: This strong 70 minute powerful flow class energizes, rejuvenates and provides you with a vigorous approach to finding a connection from within by connecting breath to movement. A series of asana flows coupled with sun salutations leaves you refreshed and transformed. During this energetic class you will breathe, balance, strengthen, twist, invert, stretch and go deep within your core. Although there is a strong powerful flow section, the class begins and ends with deep stretches, providing a whole body breath yoga experience. This class is suitable for those familiar with the Vinyasa Flow class and are keen for more.

Flow: This strong 60 minute flow class energizes, rejuvenates and helps you find a connection from within by connecting breath to movement. A series of asana flows coupled with sun salutations leaves you refreshed and transformed. During this energetic class you will breathe, balance, strengthen, twist, invert, stretch and go deep within your core. Suitable for all levels.

Happy Hips: This 60 minute class is designed specifically with your hips in mind. Following a Hatha/Vinyasa style class, the postures are designed to open, align and relax your hips. Runners, athletes or people who stay in one position for long periods of time will especially benefit from this sequencing. A combination of YIN and Yan postures will be used to move, stretch and relax those tight areas, benefiting not only your hips but your back as well. The class is designed to move and stretch the hips in 6 directions using a series of asanas, breath and movement to relieve and rejuvenate the hips. This is an all levels class.

Deep Release, Soothe and Restore: This 60 minute calming class is designed specifically for you to slow down and refresh after a busy day. The first half of the class focuses on soft movement to release any tensions from the day and then turns its focus to BEING instead of doing. The last 20 minutes of class will use props to support the body in positions of ease and comfort to facilitate relaxation and health. You will unwind your mind and prepare yourself for a wonderful stress free sleep. Dress warm in jogging pants or other comfy layered clothes. All levels.

Stretch, Flow & Go: This 60 minute early morning class awakens the body & mind with movement, soft opening stretches followed by some fun flow for to energize. The sequence is carefully planned with kindness towards your joints and muscles. It is a wonderful way to start off your morning by feeding your body bright and early before you demand on it for the rest of the day. All level class.