Mary Lou Ritter: Who ya gonna call?

   She loves to tinker and tear things up, but        she also studied microbes in estuaries and the Sargasso Sea, designed her own home and was part of the first ever Earth Day. She's a woman ahead of her time - a Renaissance woman.    (READ MORE)


A new home for Orbelina

Orbelina walked out of the first Habitat info meeting shaking her head. Requirements were just too demanding--she didn't think she could possibly do it. But, guess what - she did!

We're talking about you
We want to take a moment to recognize your hard work! Last fiscal year our volunteers logged over 54,000 service hours! That's a whopping 31.7 percent increase from the past year and, according to the Independent Sector study on the value of volunteer time, is valued at an astonishing $1,245,780! 

Thank you to all of our volunteers and supporters!  The ReStores are very busy year round and are always seeking talented volunteers, like you, to help out. You make our world go round.   
Volunteer opportunities are available and suitable for all skill levels. Come on down and show us what you've got. 

CLICK HERE to find out about volunteer opportunities at The ReStore.
ReStore doors have the right stuff!
Let's face it sometimes our stuff has seen better days. But that doesn't mean it's a total loss. We love it when people use ReStore items in upcycling projects, but there are also ways to use damaged stock to help train law enforcement officers.  (READ MORE) 
Shel Mae steps into new hot spot

It was bound to happen.

With one, two, then three ReStores -- and a fourth on the horizon -- it was easy to see help was needed.  
And the winner is:
The Clark County Habitat Store!
Woo-hoo!   We've just learned our Clark County Habitat for Humanity Store has earned the Excellence for Impact Award from the Nonprofit Network Southwest Washington! 

"This is amazing in that we have only been in Clark County for about six years!" exclaimed Joe Connell, vice president of retail operations for abitat for Humanity Portland/Vancouver Metro.

"To grow from startup to winning the Award for Excellence in Impact among all of Clark County's many non-profits in six years is an amazing testament to our store staff--led by Steven Donovan and Danny Dunn--and to our volunteers, and support staff.

The awards reception will be held on Sept. 8 at the Heathman Lodge.

Turning it around: A big night for Cully

It was a big night for the Cully neighborhood. On August 4 residents and community organizers gathered to strip the sign off the former Sugar Shack strip club and rename it Living Cully Plaza. Of course, that meant a party! 
Living Cully is a coalition of non-profit groups invested in the future of the Cully neighorhood: Habitat for Humanity Portland/Metro East, Hacienda Community Development Corporation, the Native American Youth and Family Center, and Verde

Spread the word: The ReStore is hiring! 
The ReStore currently has three job openings. Check out the job descriptions for: 


Warehouse Assistant 

Donation Pickup Driver

Come join our team! Find out more at 


You're the creative type,
aren't you
DIY Terrarium: An upcycle project from The ReStore
Putting their inventive heads-and hands-together, ReStore volunteers Karen Nicola and Nancy Outwater repurposed old     1980s-style light fixtures ($10 - $25 @The ReStore) into very cool and functional terrariums in various sizes.

We don't know who first conceived of the plan,  but we   like the way Karen and  Nancy executed it in our Beaverton ReStore, so we're sharing the how-to's for you to try. Have fun,   and let us know on Facebook how yours turns out!  

 DIY: From Light Fixture to Terrarium

 1 - Find a glass light fixture with an opening on top and a hole for drainage on the bottom.  
 2 - Remove all ellectrical components. 
 3 - Fill with dirt. 
 4 - Add a plants of your choice.  
 5 - Enjoy the ooh's and ahh's of your friends.
    Portland Metro ReStore

                    (tubs, sinks, toilets, shower bases)
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  Washington County ReStore

    * 50% TILE
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     * 50% WINDOWS
  Clark County 
  Habitat for Humanity Store

    * ALL SHEET LUMBER  $2.50/pc
        (any size/style unless otherwise marked)
    * 50% OFF TILE  when purchasing 
       10 boxes or more 

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All stores open 9 a.m. - 5 p.m. Monday - Saturday 

Donations accepted until 4:30 p.m.

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