August 2013
Advanced Techniques at the
Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic

It is always a pleasure to keep our patients and followers informed about the latest technologies and  techniques that we are using with great success here at the Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic.

One of the most exciting surgery technologies is using advanced techniques of concentration and processing fat into Adivive or SVF which contains high number of stem cells.  When mixed with PRP, the results are enhanced and allows for minimal bruising, dramatically reduce recovery times and more lasting results.

I make use of many new techniques, often combining several procedures because of the benefit to the patient and the extraordinary results.  In this month's newsletter, I'll explain how valuable these advanced techniques are when used individually or combined.  This is the key to understanding how new technology 
and the latest in plastic surgery advancements can benefit you.

We have received such positive feedback from patients who have already benefited from these surgery enhancements that we are reducing many of our fees during the month of August.  Many of these procedures including the use of stem cell concentrated fat (Adivive), PRP and the SlimLipo Laser treatments are not offered by other local providers.

With reduced recovery times, better results and our August Specials, this is certainly the time for you to speak with me about the improvements you are thinking about. Call our office today to schedule your free consultation and I look forward to seeing you soon!

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Obi Plastic Surgery
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The Healing Power of Platelet-Rich Plasma 

Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) is blood plasma that has been enriched with platelets . During your procedure we collect 60 cc's of your blood and concentrate it to a clear solution rich in platelets and growth factors.

Platelet-Rich Plasma  has shown to also reduce healing times and reduce bruising significantly. We use your Platelet Rich Plasma in a number of different plastic surgery procedures to aid in the healing process and reduce bruising. PRP can be used during facelifts, eyelid surgery, and even breast augmentation again to reduce bruising and recovery times.

Visit our site to read more about our use of PRP and its benefits. You might also like to review before and after photos of patients who benefited from PRP.

At Obi Plastic Surgery Clinic there are a number of outstanding professionals to help make your plastic surgery experience positive.  From our Front Office Coordinator to our Clinical Staff everyone takes pride in their key role to make you comfortable, relaxed and beautiful!

Learn More about the Vectra 3D Camera System

Save The Date!
Open House Event Thurs. Sept. 26th

We would like to invite you to "See A New You", at our Open House Event on September 26th.  Plan to join us for give-aways, special offers, and the opportunity to preview our new Vectra 3D Imaging Camera that allows you to see a virtual image of yourself and your appearance after plastic surgery. It truly is a look into the future!


Enhanced Facelift  
with Adivive and PRP
Experience fantastic results with faster recovery times and less bruising when we use of the Adivive Lipokit Technique coupled with Platelet-Rich Plasma.

And also take advantage of our temporarily reduced fees! Schedule a consultation with Dr. Obi to see how you might benefit from this advanced facelift surgery


  Save $500.00 on your Facelift procedure in August!