September 2020
Bring your whole family to the
Drive-Thru Back to School Bash!

While this school year will look like nothing we have ever seen before, we want to send you into it with blessings and hope from HRBC. In years past we have been able to picnic together and hang out on the lawn as we return to school. We wanted to keep this annual event to help care for all of our families, so we have made some adjustements. The Back to School Bash will be Sunday, September 13 from 4:00-5:30 PM. As a drive thru experience, you can come anytime during this time and at the church we will have a number of stations for your family to participate in! Part of the event will include in depth information about the opportunities children, youth, and parents will have this fall to be together and we are so excited to share these plans with you!

Along with the whole family in the car, we hope that your students will bring their backpacks as we bless them and that you will bring jars of peanut butter to support our food drive.

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