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Gen X on Top

Millennials may not dominate as much of the housing market share as previously thought in smaller markets, according to a recent survey conducted by  The Association of Mortgage Professionals.
The survey, which questions its members on a monthly basis in order to determine trends in the mortgage industry. For this particular study... read more
Japandi Style: Embracing Minimalist Beauty and Nature in Home D├ęcor

It's been known that those who long for simplicity in living space look towards Japanese culture and design for inspiration, but there are also those who admire Scandinavian functionality above all. Seemingly opposite, these two trends somehow merged together and today we have a beautiful blend of ... read more
Rip-Off Alert: Cyber scammers stepping up game in real estate fraud

  A money-making scheme is crushing real estate deals and wiping out homeowners' life savings in a matter of seconds.
Cyber criminals look for a weak chain of communication, an unsecured email account. They will monitor the communication for a while to get a sense of what's happening... read more
Imperial Beach, two counties sue fossil fuel companies for money to deal with sea level rise

Several coastal municipalities in California on Monday  filed lawsuits against more than three dozen oil and coal corporations for what they said are billions of dollars in property damage costs associated with climate change.   Several counties are going up against many of the world's largest fossil-fuel companies...t hese conglomerates' leading industry groups - the American Petroleum Institute and the U.S. Oil & Gas Association, both based in Washington, D.C... read more
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