August 2023
Back to School Means Back to Safety
The Bengals are gearing up for their first game against the Browns, high school football has kicked off, and summer break has come to an end. While the temperatures might not be dropping just yet, kids are back to spending their days in classrooms again. That means more school buses on the road, lights flashing in school zones, and growing traffic congestion around schools.
These changes bring new challenges to drivers. That’s why we’ve put together these helpful tips to keep you (and the students on their way to and from school) safe on the roads this year.
School Zone Safety

  • Take those lowered speed limits seriously and slow down. School zones are in place for a reason – because the likelihood of children being near the roadway is much higher during drop-off and pickup times.
  • Be careful loading and unloading children in drop-off lines. Watch out for drivers who might not be following the school zone rules, and make sure your children know to watch out too.
  • If possible, carpool to and from school to help reduce traffic congestion. Bonus: fewer vehicles around schools lead to better safety for students.

Be Cautious of Young Pedestrians

  • Don’t block the crosswalk if you’re waiting at a red light or stop sign. It could force them to walk in traffic to get around you.
  • Always obey crossing guards. They’re there for the protection of everyone.
  • Yield to pedestrians crossing where school zone flashers are blinking.
  • Use extreme caution around school areas. There are likely to be far more young pedestrians and bicyclists in these areas than anywhere else.
Pay Attention to School Buses

  • Never pass a bus while it’s stopped to load or unload children.
  • If its lights are flashing and the stop arm is extended, traffic must stop. Yes, the rules do apply to all of us!
  • Leave plenty of space around a school bus for children to safely enter and exit the bus or cross the road.
Be Extra Alert

  • Be prepared for kids to appear from unexpected places, like between parked cars, near school zones.
  • Watch for kids who are distracted with their phones.
  • Expect to encounter student drivers, especially near high schools. Be patient and leave extra space between the car in front of you. And please don’t honk at a teenager behind the wheel – new drivers are often hesitant and drive more cautiously than experienced ones. We all had to learn once!
  • Avoid all distractions in your car, such as your cell phone, food, or any other activities that take your attention away from the road.
  • Plan ahead and allow extra time in case of delays in or near school zones.
Be sure to have a reminder conversation with your children about road safety. Whether they’re riding the bus, driving to school, or are part of a neighborhood carpool, talk about the rules of the road with them. Remind them to always wear a seat belt, look both ways before crossing the street, and pay attention to all traffic signals and crossing guards.
Like football, back-to-school road safety is a team effort. We all need to do our part to ensure this school year is safe for the young people of our communities.
Project Updates

Remember, the Mt. Zion Rd. and Richwood Rd. project areas are still active construction sites. Please drive with caution as crews continue to work on the project.
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