August, 2017

"I've always loved the idea of summer!"
~ Olaf the snowman, Disney's Frozen.
Much like Olaf, I just love everything that happens in summer too. In our house, the long summer days translate to more play time: lots of volleyball, basketball and running with the dog when I get home from work.  Summer also means vacation, family visits, and adventures.  I love Summer!
The Center for Developing Minds had an incredible summer too. Five experienced clinicians have joined our team, which has allowed us to expand our services and increase our availability. Our offerings now include:
Educational Psychology : Our four educational psychologists are available to perform psychoeducational evaluations six days per week and coach parents on how to access appropriate school services for their child.
Counseling: Our three family therapists offer a broad range of experience and can address difficult behaviors in children and teens, issues related to mood such as anxiety or depression, social cognitive deficits like those seen in children with high functioning autism, parent child relationships, and marriage counselling. 
In-home Behavior Specialists: We are fortunate to have two trained behavior analysts that provide behavior support and coaching in the home or school setting, including an expert in ABA services for children with autism. 
Educational Specialist : Our skilled educator is not a just a tutor, she provides educational training for students with difficult learning needs.  In addition, she offers executive function training and organizational support.
Speech and Language Pathology: We offer assessments and therapy for children with articulation issues, language processing problems, and oral motor weaknesses.
Behavioral and Developmental Pediatrics: Of course, we still have two motivated and friendly behavioral and developmental pediatricians who assess children and teens with complicated developmental variations including: ADHD, autism, executive dysfunctions, giftedness, learning, mood disorders, and cognitive and developmental delays.
If you have questions about the type of service needed for your child or referred patient, please call our office or visit one of our free chats and orientation sessions.
Happy end of summer and welcome back to the school year!
~ Damon Korb, M.D.
   Director, Center for Developing Minds
Clinician Team Expands!
As mentioned in Dr. Korb's note above, the CDM has been busy this summer adding new professionals to our clinical team. We are very happy to welcome Josie, Jennifer and Charlie to our staff, and here's a brief  overview of the expertise that they bring to the clinic.
First, welcome Josie Porcell, M.A., Sp.Ed., who is our new education specialist. Josie has nearly ten years of experience working one-on-one and in small groups with students from elementary school through college on reading remediation, writing skills, assistive technology, and the development of executive function skills. By helping to recognize their inherent strengths, while providing support in their areas of need and fostering their self-confidence, she believes passionately that every student can achieve success.  She is trained in Lindamood-Bell and Orton Gillingham-based reading programs, the Reading Apprenticeship literacy program, and various assistive technology software programs for students with language-based learning differences. Josie is also fluent in Spanish. 
Next, we are pleased to introduce autism behavior specialist and ABA therapist, Charlie Bell, M.A., BCBA. For more than 15 years, Charlie has helped clients with developmental and behavioral challenges, predominantly children and young adults with autism spectrum disorders (ASD). Charlie is passionate about teaching adaptive behavior, social skills and functional communication, while keeping therapy family-centered. She has practiced all over the world, and most recently was based in Singapore, where she managed her own practice and provided direct one-on-one ABA services, supervision, social skills training, school consultation, crisis interventions and transition services. 
Finally, we are excited to have Jennifer Rich, M.S., L.M.F.T., join our team of expert therapists, providing relationship counseling for children and adolescents and their families. Prior to the CDM, Jennifer had been in private practice for more than 13 years, specializing in treating individuals who have trauma, depression, anxiety, and relationship issues. Her training is in brief therapy, cognitive behavioral, as well as family systems.

If you would like to meet Josie, Charlie or Jennifer, to see how they may be able to help your family handle behavioral and developmental challenges that your children are facing, please contact the clinic to schedule an appointment.  
Child Development Chat 

The next CDM Child Development Chat will focus on an important topic for fast-paced silicon valley families: "Anxiety and its impact on school and home functioning." The interactive evening chat session will be held Tuesday, September 12, from 7:00-8:00pm. Please bring your questions and concerns to share with the group. Adults only, please.

Check it out: New Patient Orientation Days  
The Center for Developing Minds hosts informal "CDM Orientation" days once a month at the clinic.  The short sessions are designed to give prospective clients a chance to see the facility and meet with some of our staff. Each orientation will be hosted by one of our behavioral and developmental pediatricians, and will give your family the opportunity to ask questions and learn more about our multi-disciplinary team of expert clinicians and the services they provide. 

The next CDM orientation will be on Thursday, September 14, at 9:00am.  If you know a family that has been considering working with the CDM, please feel free to pass along this information!