Pregnancy and the period postpartum are both exciting and overwhelming. Many families experience difficulties the first few weeks postpartum, 1 in 7 mothers experience depression and or anxiety during pregnancy and/or postpartum.

  • Depression during pregnancy and postpartum (PPD) (anger, irritability, lack of interest, hopelessness etc.)
  • Anxiety during pregnancy and postpartum (excessive fears and worries regarding health and safety of the baby, panic attacks, dizziness, inability to sleep, and often chest pains)
  • Pregnancy or postpartum OCD (repetitive unwanted thoughts or mental images and or intrusive thoughts, compulsions to perform acts over and over)
  • Postpartum Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders (flashbacks of trauma either from pregnancy/birth or previous experience causing anxiety and avoidance)
  • Bipolar Mood Disorders (depression, insomnia without need for additional sleep, mood changes, and cycling)
  • Postpartum Psychosis (seeing and or hearing voices or images others do not, belief in ideas that aren’t true, distrust of others where there was trust previously, confusion and memory loss, mania)

The FDA recently approved Zuranolone for PPD treatment. This new oral drug is approved for use in patients with symptoms beginning in the third trimester up to 4 weeks after giving birth. The treatment is taken for 14 days and can provide rapid improvement in depressive symptoms. It is expected to be on the market in late 2023.

Maternal mental health is essential to create a healthy and lasting bond with their baby, self, and family unit. Attention to the mothers and families plays an important role in the baby’s emotional and physical wellbeing. Care for the family system starts with care for the mother during pregnancy and postpartum. With family and social support, mental health services, and innovations such as Zuranolone, patients have an opportunity for an increased positive experience during the pregnancy and postpartum period.

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How Creativity Positively Impacts Your Health

Expressing yourself through artistic and creative activities is like a prescription for your mental health. Turning to creativity has been proven in extensive research to relieve both stress and anxiety. Creativity also helps lessen the shame, anger, and depression felt by those who have experienced trauma.

The Walter Reed National Military Medical Center has an art therapy program for soldiers with PTSD. Veterans often find it difficult to express their trauma verbally. Art therapy manager Tammy Shella, PhD, ATR-BC, says, “Through art therapy, patients can convey how they really feel on the inside and reveal things that they weren’t comfortable sharing with the world.”

Mental Health Tip:
Try Something New
Whether it be a new bike route, exploring a new restaurant, or volunteering. Doing something new can help improve your mental outlook and make you feel good overall.
Mental Health Tip:
Spend Time in Nature
Spending time in nature can help with mental health problems like depression. If you’re struggling to leave the house and get outside, opening a window to get some fresh air and sunlight can make a difference.
We provide comprehensive psychiatric and psychotherapy services for a vast array of mental health issues, including depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, psychotic illness, borderline personality disorder, substance abuse/addiction, trauma related issues, relationship difficulties, life transitions, and behavior problems. Call (248) 859-2457 to set up an appointment.
Did you know? SPRAVATO® can have a rapid antidepressant response and is added on to an antidepressant and the rest of your regimen. It is the first new mechanism of action to treat depression that has come out in over 30 years. 
There is hope for treatment-resistant depression. Call (248) 859-2457 to set up an appointment.
We provide comprehensive DBT services to provide effective treatment of Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) and other disorders involving emotion dysregulation, including co-occurring substance use disorders, major depressive disorder, and individuals with history of trauma. At Lakes DBT Center, we believe that with effective evidence-based treatment and a caring and coordinated treatment team, clients can create a life they love.
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Bettie Williams is LPC and is a Certified Clinical Trauma Professional (CCTP). She received her Master's in Counseling from Ashland Theological Seminary and is currently attending the Michigan School of Psychology for her PsyD.

Bettie believes in a client-centered approach with a holistic framework. Bettie understands that trauma and grief manifest in many different forms and everyone reacts and responds differently.

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Marina is a board certified licensed professional counselor in private practice in West Bloomfield, Michigan. She offers help to young adults and older. Marina’s areas of expertise include anxiety, depression, bipolar disorder, parenting, perinatal adjustments and mood disorders, couples therapy, domestic violence, and post-traumatic stress. In addition, Marina is an approved clinical supervisor supporting novice counselors obtain their full professional license.