August 2018

Don't Plan on a Summer Slowdown

Business is good.  Our industry is not going to see a traditional summer slowdown.
There are plenty of opportunities out there.  Be sure you are staying in touch with your current customers and following up with new prospects. 
Be aware:  a booming economy has not killed off the bargain hunter.   Customers are still trying to get a better deal. Be sure to stand firm when faced with price objections.  Remember when they ask for a better price, it means they're interested!
Inflation is on the rise.  Be sure you're adjusting your prices to cover your increased costs.  Be afraid your price might be too low rather than too high!   
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E-Harmony for Landscape Customers !?!
It pays to be picky!
In building a business, it's tempting to say "yes" to every customer and every project.  Companies can fall into a trap of trying too hard to win projects at any cost.  Other times, they bend to unreasonable or nonsense customer requests in attempt to make the sale.
Figuring out your compatibility with new customers can be a little like dating.  You have to determine the profile of the ideal customer.  Then you need to screen new clients coming into your business to make sure you can forge a relationship that's going to work.
The right customers are often the ones who are:
  • Motivated to get the job done right
  • Interested in listening to your advice and expertise
  • Willing to invest in a proper, quality installation
  • Demonstrate loyalty over the long-term
  • Are in the neighborhoods where you like to work
There's plenty of work out there, so don't feel like you need to bend your standards or put up with bad behavior.  Determine the parameters for best-fit clients and go get more of those!

Imagine knowing there is an issue in a system you installed before the homeowner knows. We're talking about a new generation of Smart Variable Frequency Drives (VFDs) that are rapidly increasing the service level contractors can offer to end-consumers.
If you're not a regular VFD installer, you may not be aware how quickly this technology has evolved. Traditionally, the VFD's primary selling feature has been constant pressure. Without a VFD, a pump operates ON at full blast or completely OFF, and nowhere in between. A VFD allows the pump to start with a low rush amperage and slowly ease into its cycle, extending the life of the pump.
Recent advances have added smart technology to VFDs. This typically takes the form of an add-on device that links to your VFD via Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable. System professionals can gain access to various features of the installed VFD. At the most basic level, the system will send alarms via email or text message when the drive is in a fault condition. On more advanced devices, you can remotely access the VFD with an app to monitor or even change settings - from anywhere in the world, in real-time.
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Checklist!  5 Tools Every Irrigation Contractor Needs
Must-have productivity boosters from King Innovation 
There are few things worse than finding yourself on a job site without the proper tools. Issues can arise at any time, no matter how straightforward your install or repair might seem! Below is a short checklist of 5 tools every irrigation contractor should never be caught without:
1) I-tool 2.0 
The I-tool 2.0 reduces the hassle of carrying a separate tool for each irrigation sprinkler brand. It combines everything an irrigation contractor needs into one high quality, stainless steel multi-tool. It has pull up and adjustment tools to fit any rotor or spray head, as well as a drip irrigation tool, cleanout tool, saw, knife, ruler, pliers, wire stripper, and more.
2) Spray Loc 
Efficiency is key, and holding up a spray head with one hand while making a repair with the other can be as ineffective as it is frustrating. The Blazing Spray Loc tool allows you to quickly lock a spay head in place while you make any necessary adjustments.
3) Measuring Wheel 
In an uneven outdoor area or golf course where measuring tape can be cumbersome, a folding measuring wheel is essential for quickly estimating how much pipe, wire, etc. you will need for an install.
4) Test Meter 
Have you ever spent all of your time at a jobsite troubleshooting just to have to come back the next day to actually make a repair? Keep an IrriMeter in your pocket to quickly and accurately troubleshoot irrigation systems.
5) Waterproof Wire Connectors 
Tapping a wire connector rated for indoor use just won't cut it when it comes to the harsh, wet environment found in a residential or commercial irrigation system. Make sure you have a canister of DryConn UL 486D Listed   waterproof wire connectors on your truck so your irrigation (or lighting!) system installations or repairs can function properly and be up to code.
With the right tools readily available and accessible, you will be ready to take on the season!

Gluing in Wet Conditions?  Get Christy's!
Stay productive even in lousy weather!

Installing and repairing can't always wait for a perfect day.   Often you're working with wet pipes, fittings and muddy conditions.   Choose a solvent cement that's specifically formulated for wet conditions, like Christy's Red Hot Blue Glue or Christy's Wet or Dry.

Both of these products are formulated to work across a wide range of weather and site conditions.  They set and cure extremely fast, helping you maximize your productivity.

Keep your crews productive.   Learn more about solvent cementing in wet
conditions in this video:    

Improving the efficiency of an outdoor irrigation system is an important factor in water conservation. 
Many existing lawn sprinkler systems are operating at water pressures exceeding pressures recommended by sprinkler manufacturers. Higher operating pressures create system inefficiencies due to excessive flow rates, misting, uneven coverage and water waste when watering areas outside the landscaping. Lower water pressures generate appropriate water droplet size from the spray heads and provide a more uniform distribution of water across the landscape increasing the irrigation system's performance.
The most straight forward method of lowering water pressure to an irrigation system is accomplished by adding a single water pressure reducing valve ( PRV) at the point of connection (POC) to the irrigation system. The single PRV installed along the POC line will regulate variable high inlet water pressures to a constant lower optimal water pressure for the entire irrigation system. This allows the installed spray heads and drip emitters to operate in their recommended high efficiency pressure range. Increased water efficiency will be immediately realized by the irrigation system with this one change. Therefore, irrigation systems that experience high inlet pressures would realize significant water savings when designed or retrofitted with a PRV installed along the POC to the mainline. This technique for lowering water pressure to an irrigation system is common practice for both landscape irrigation designers and landscape contractors.
Zurn Industries promotes efficient landscape watering using Zurn Wilkins Pressure Reducing Valves. For more information on Pressure Reducing Valves, visit or our irrigation playlist on YouTube at OneZurn.
Are You a Conservation Leader?

Contractors often talk about "standing apart from their competitors" and "providing the best possible service to customers".  

Companies that have a clear vision towards doing things differently stand out in a crowded field of look-alikes.

Take advantage of the opportunity to distinguish your company by promoting water-conserving products to your customers.   If you think of the number of customers you have whose irrigation systems don't meet today's water conserving standards, you've defined a lucrative customer base that can benefit from your expertise.
You need to have an action plan to be successful:
  • Educate yourself and your team members on the technology.  Spartan offers support to help you get started. 
  • Implement a communications plan to share your expertise and product offering to customers.  Use tools like door hangers, tip sheets and a special section on your website 
  • Consistently promote conservation products.  Don't expect a single campaign or a sporadic effort to establish your reputation as a market leader.  
Quick Tip: Find statistics, tips and related content for your marketing materials on the Smart Irrigation Month website.

Use PRS Dial for Water Savings Up to 25%

Regulate outlet pressure at the valve with the PRS-Dial Pressure Regulator, regardless of incoming pressure fluctuations.
  • Quick and Easy Installation-Typically less than 15 minutes to install
  • Water Savings as High as 25%-One PRS-Dial can control pressure for the entire zone
  • Minimizes Wind Drift-Larger water droplets resist wind drift and evaporation, so you always hit your target zone
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