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October 18th 2020
Join us for a virtual fundraiser at Blaze Pizza. Order in the Blaze Pizza App or on the website and enter code FUND1 in the promo/coupon code field at check out and 30% of the proceeds go to IVDSA.
Between April and July we have held over 240 Virtual Events with over 2,044 participants! We enjoy connecting with our community and seeing so many attend these events. While we have provided all these events free to the community they are not free to us. If you are able during these times to make a donation to IVDSA it will help us keep going and be greatly appreciated.
Join us Mondays at 3PM for baking with Ms. Katie. Katie will show you how to use fun and simple recipes to support language development. She will also provide visual recipe cards and ideas for additional activities to try in the kitchen that can be made into a cookbook for your family. Katie is a speech-language pathologist and developmental specialist with more than 10 years experience working with children and families.

Baking Zoom ID :706-394-448 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join us for Kickboxing with Aida Monday's at 5 PM

My name is Aida Osborne and I live in the City of Chino Hills.
I have been a fitness instructor for almost 20 years; being an instructor has been one of the most fulfilling yet humbling accomplishments I have had.  
The class features moves from karate, taekwondo, boxing and a little bit of muay thai. Kickboxing is my favorite class to teach at all time. I love and what I do and passionate about it. 
There have been so many fun moments but there’s one unforgettable moments that stand out; during class at 24 Hour Fitness, I saw Catherine Lugo who has Down Syndrome at the back of my class. I then pulled her in front of the class and her face glowed with excitement; she became the star of the class and I gained a great friend. 

Kickboxing Zoom ID: 845- 8583 -3488 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join us Mondays at 7pm for a Lyrical Dance Class with Julia. Julia is a lyrical and ballet dancer who has been dancing since she was 4. She has been to a few studios over the years, one of which being "Dance With Miss Lindsey" in Palm Springs, California. This class is for all ages and all skill levels. No need to bring any equipment. Come for some fun!

Lyrical Class Zoom ID : 880 -1276 -7370 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Come join us on Tuesdays 5:30pm for Yoga with Angela. This class will be taught by Angela Delgado, a 200RYT certified yoga instructor. Not only does she teach at a reputable studio in Redlands, but she also leads classes for the County of San Bernardino and a few school districts in California. Angela says, “I enjoy connecting with my students and helping create comfort in their bodies. Outside of yoga I enjoy spending time with my 2 dogs, going on walks and bike rides, and eating tasty food.” 

In this class we will focus not only on physical movement, but also mindfulness, stress release, and cultivating calmness; benefits that will follow you well beyond the yoga mat.

It's important to have a safe and uncluttered space to practice in. A mat is nice but not required. In most classes we will use a chair as our prop to assist us in our postures. This will be a gentle slower paced class, combining motion and stretching.

Yoga Zoom ID : 878 4778 2819 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join us on Wednesdays at 3pm for Story time with Julia. Julia is on the award-winning Speech and Debate team at her school so she knows how to passionately read a book. Julia will read a few books as well as open it up to anyone who may want to read or share a book. You do not need to know how to read to come. This is for all ages.

Story time Zoom ID : 298-106-456 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join us Wednesdays at 5PM for 3D Art with Ms. Laura. Laura Sanchez is a cyber security engineer specializing in digital forensics, and enjoys art in her free time.Prior to her career, Laura spent ten years working with young adults on the autism spectrum, teaching them life and social skills necessary for independent living. Check out the supply list and get ready for some crafting fun!

Art 3D Class Zoom ID : 880-1751-0512 Meeting Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join us for Hip Hop Dance Class Thursday's at 7! This class will be taught by the talented members of the Los Osos Varsity Dance Team and sure to be a hit with all the participants.

Hip Hop Dance Zoom ID: 433-644-051 Zoom Password : email info@ivdsa.org
Jillian and Jacob are siblings who enjoy online video gaming with friends, baking, and playing with their dog Lulu. Jillian is an 8th grade student. She loves art and anime. Jacob is starting 6th grade and enjoys creating content for his YouTube channel. They are excited to have an opportunity to share their recipes and cooking skills with everyone! 

Cooking with Jake and Jill Zoom ID : 813 4792 6791   Meeting Password:   email info@ivdsa.org
Join us  Fridays August 14th and August 28th at 4pm  for cooking with Ant Paula's Kitchen. Anthony and Paula will delight your taste buds as they create delicious flavorful recipes with you. They are the grandparents of Matthew Wickey and are excited to share their love of food with you. Mangia, mangia!!!

Ant Paula's Kitchen Zoom ID :813-0922-3311  Meeting Password:   email info@ivdsa.org
Come join us on  Saturday 11AM  for a workout with Jessica and get fit.

Jessica has just recently graduated from Cal State San Bernardino in Spring 2020 with Cum Laude honors. She obtained a bachelor’s degree in Health Science with a concentration in Environmental Science. During her free time, she enjoys exploring the outdoors and being active. She loves to encourage children to stay active and achieve their academic goals. For the past five years, she has been working at the Boys and Girls Club of Fontana as a Youth Development Staff. Jessica has done multiple types of programming for children at the club. These programs include the following: athletics, healthy habits, arts and crafts, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, arts, and mathematics), and games room. Athletics being her number favorite programming with the kids. On top of that, Jessica has been a tutor for 8 years in helping children ranging from elementary to high school. The main subjects she has helped her students with is mathematics, science, and reading. She is here not only to help you to stay healthy and active, but here to encourage you to do your best in life.

Workout Zoom ID: 849 -3601-4898 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Little Steps and Next Steps Families are invited to join this Meeting Saturday August 1st at 11 am. We will be joined by an infant development specialist who will be sharing practical early intervention ideas for parents to work on with your child at home. Don't miss out on this great meeting!

Little Steps and Next Steps Zoom ID: 878-5016-1615 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join Kim August 4th at 7 PM as she shares some tips on getting organized for the beginning of the school year, making a schedule and visual supports. Kim has experience as a special education teacher, an inclusion specialist and a BCBA. She enjoys spending time with her friends, family and her dog and serves on the IVDSA Board of Directors.

Zoom ID: 816-2118-0054 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Staying Healthy with Nurse Ms. Kimberly for younger kids Saturday August 15h 9:30 AM. Nurse Kimberly will be teaching this special class just for our younger members with tips on how to stay healthy geared toward younger kids. Don't miss out on this informative special free event!

Zoom ID: 819 9834 9488 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Staying Healthy with Nurse Ms. Kimberly for older kids Tuesday August 18th at 7pm. Nurse Kimberly will be teaching this special class just for our older members with tips on how to stay healthy. Don't miss out on this informative special free event!

Zoom ID: 819 9834 9488 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Get ready for a Disney Dance Party Saturday August 22nd at 7PM! We can't go to the amusement park right now but we can still have some Disney Fun! Dress up as your favorite character or what you would wear on a trip to the park. Invite your friends to virtually join us as we have a blast dancing to all your Disney favorites from the comfort of your home.

Dance Party Zoom ID: 872 -5655 -9608 Password: email info@ivdsa.org
Join this fun Special Event of Miss Jamies Farm on Saturday September 19th, show starts at 9:30 am on zoom. Family Tickets are $10 and Supporting Tickets are $21.

Miss Jamie's Farm music show is a 30-minute high energy, audience interactive musical play with farm animal puppets. Kids can sing along, dance and participate in question & answer trivia about farm animals and farm foods.

See you at the barnyard bash!
Until then, Happy trails!
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