Volume 10 | August 2022
August Chamber News
Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Mission Statement: 
“To improve business opportunity and build a better community”
It's that time of year again:

2022-2023 Wellsville Chamber Membership Tiers
ð     Platinum Corporation - $500.00 – (includes rotating banner on home page of Chamber website of your business logo linked to your website; listing on Business Directory page with direct link to your website; events displayed on Calendar page; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value], monthly highlights of events/specials on KOFO during Wellsville Chamber segment).
ð     Platinum Business - $500.00 – limited to 20 members  (includes rotating banner on Home page of Chamber website of your business logo linked to your website; listing on Business Directory page with direct link to your website; events displayed on Calendar page; one article about your business per year in the Chamber newsletter [$100 value], one 2-week slot on Chamber sign each year [$200 value];opportunity for one monthly 60-minute meeting per month to partner on marketing for articles, promotions, feedback, community partnerships, etc. [$300 value]; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value], monthly highlights of events/specials on KOFO during Wellsville Chamber segment). 

ð     Gold Business - $300.00 (includes rotating banner on Home page of Chamber website of your business logo linked to your website; listing on Business Directory page with direct link to your website; events displayed on Calendar page; one article per year in the Chamber newsletter [$100 value]; opportunity for one quarterly 60-minute meeting per month to partner on marketing for articles, promotions, feedback, community partnerships, etc. [$100 value]; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value]; monthly highlights of events/specials on KOFO during Wellsville Chamber segment). 

ð     Silver Business - $150.00 (Phone/email information only on Business Directory page; promotion of all events in the Chamber newsletter; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value]).

ð     Non-profit - $100.00 (Phone/email information on Business Directory page; promotion of organization and all events in the Chamber newsletter; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value]).

ð     Church - $100.00 (Phone/email information on Business Directory page; promotion of Church and all events in the Chamber newsletter; monthly representation at City Council meetings [$300 value]).

ð     Associate Member* - $50.00 (Phone/email information only on Business Directory page)
*Associate member status shall be reserved for non-business individuals wishing to be part of the Chamber.
Wellsville Police Dept. Promotions
On July 13, Officers Davenport and Garcia were Promoted to the rank of Patrol Sergeants. They were pinned with their sergeant badges by their families.

Sgt. Davenport was pinned by his wife, and Sgt. Garcia had his badge pinned by his nephew. He also had his sister pin his sergeant chevron to his shirt color.

Congratulations Sgt. Davenport and Sgt. Garcia from the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce.

Wellsville Farmer's Market is OPEN
Wednesdays –June to October 5-7pm
Saturdays-May to October 8am-11am
Wellsville Days Updates - September 24

The 2022 Theme - It's a Pirate's Life for Me!

We need volunteers for our Kids Zone! Please sign up from the homepage on our website: www.wellsvilledaysKS.com

Grand Marshal Voting at City Hall. August 2nd – 15th. Must vote IN-PERSON at City Hall and must be a Wellsville Community Member to vote. Each community member gets one and only one vote! Questions? Email us at wellsvilledays@gmail.com

Wellsville Days 5K -Registration: https://wellsvilledaysks.com/5k-runwalk/

Wellsville Days Parade -

We appreciate all of our sponsors so very much. We could not do this event without you! If you're interested in sponsoring, please visit our website.
Wellsville FBLA Needs Your Help

The Wellsville FBLA is in need of many NEW or GENTLY USED Happy Meal or Food Meal-type toys. Any small toys work. These toys will be used for the FBLA Fish Pond at the Wellsville Days Festivities and at our Trunk or Treat event.

The Wellsville Days booth is a community service project. Many FBLA members volunteer to help with our Wellsville Days booth. They use the money that is raised to pay off their dues (which are charged by FBLA National Headquarters--$10 per student).

If you or someone you know has any small toys like this, please drop them off at the elementary or high school office anytime, preferably before the first part of September. FBLA members will pick them up from there. If you have any questions, please email drottinghaus@usd289.org orcall 785.418.0033.

The FBLA appreciates any help you can provide. hank you for considering helping FBLA with this event.
Wellsville Chamber Sign Advertising program
Have you noticed the beautiful banners displayed every two weeks on the Wellsville Chamber sign sitting on Highway 33 in the field next to Bert's and across from Auburn Pharmacy? If not, take a look next time you are driving by. We have received lots of positive feedback about the program. Here are a few of the banners we've displayed recently:
If you would like to advertise to the thousands of cars passing by on Highway 33 each day, we can help o produce and display a banner just for your business. This Chamber sign is especially important to your business if you are a business located somewhere other than off 33 highway. Many people who live outside Wellsville or are coming off the highway to stop at Bert's or Casey's don't know what other businesses Wellsville has to offer. They might make it a point to use your services each time they are in town!

Our 2022 spots are already filled, but if you would like one (or a few) in 2023, now is the time to book your dates! Formal communication will be coming soon, but you can contact the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce any time to reserve your spot and initiate individualized production of your banner.
Special Chamber Member Job Fair
Gary Handy, Director of Career Services and Community Outreach for Baker University, is presenting a free opportunity to recruit Baker students to any part-time job or internship opportunities that you might have for upcoming fall semester or in the future. This fair is for our local organizations in Baldwin City and Douglas County entities also located in Lawrence. At our request, he also granted this opportunity to Wellsville Chamber members.

The fair will be held in Collins Gym on the Baker University campus 524 6th St. Baldwin City, KS on Tuesday August 23rd from 11am to 1pm. Employer check-in will begin at 10:30am and the fair will begin promptly at 11am.

This event is free for you to attend, however you do need to register to reserve a table for your organization. Registration will be active until August 16th or until all tables for the fair are full. You can register below.
Business Spotlights
Bert's Travel Plaza
The 29th spotlight for the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce is on Bert’s Travel Plaza at 1021 Poplar Street. Stan Keim and his two sons are from the small town of Sabetha, KS. They grew up around the truck industry and travelled via automobile for vacations. So they knew what truckers and travelers wanted from a rest stop.
Stan wanted to build his first truck stop, Bert’s, in a small town like he lived in, but he wanted it to be a small town close to the city with access to a major highway. Lucky for us, Wellsville fit the description! Stan’s son Daniel stated, “We looked at a location off the highway in Edgerton, but it was much more difficult to work with the city of Edgerton and Johnson County. Wellsville was easier to work with.”

The project broke ground in 2018 and opened May 1st of 2020. The business employs nearly 50 people and is a full service truck stop with a large parking area for trucks, truck wash on site, large driver’s lounge, private showers, laundry machines, and clean restrooms. Bert’s also includes fresh cooked food from Champs Chicken, bluTACO and Hunt Brother’s Pizza along with a vast variety of Convenience Store items.

When asked what sets Bert’s apart from other truck stops, Daniel mentioned his family’s knowledge of the trucking industry. He said, “We are a business built by truckers for truckers.” Bert’s has a 24-hour cleaning crew, and if you go out to look on the website, you will see multiple reviews about the cleanliness of the place. Daniel told me that the customers service and management made up of small town people makes for a more friendly experience.

The business has received many accolades over the past couple of years. In 2020, Bert’s received the Rookie of the Year award for demonstrating high sales, excellent customer service and cashiers and clean bathrooms. Recently, the business received the Store of Distinction award from Pro Foods Systems (PFS), the owner of Champs and bluTACO. To top it all off, Bert’s received the Independent Truck Stop of the Year award from Trucker Path, an app used by most truckers. This is the most prestigious award they’ve received to date and are flattered and humbled that fellow truckers were enjoying their vision of a great truck stop.

Bert’s really appreciates the support they have received from Franklin county and the local residents who come in for food and convenience store items. They also feel that the police and the locals do a great job of “keeping an eye” on the place. It makes them feel welcome, safe and part of the community.

When asked what our community could do to help take Bert’s to the next level, I was told they would like to hear from us. It’s helpful to tell them what fruits and veggies you’d like them to carry, which is a HUGE bonus for our town. They have recently been experimenting with veggie trays, kabobs, fruit trays and even a fruit pizza! All items have been well received. They can get fresh food shipments up to three times per week so stop by and tell a cashier or manager what items you’d be interested in buying there. They will do their best to accommodate y our request.

As for business goals, Bert’s is hoping to maintain the offering they currently have as well as adding some new offerings over the next few years. As a sneak peak, a couple of those exciting offerings may be even stronger WIFI and a business center for truckers and travelers.

To stay tuned for all the other great advances going on out at Bert’s, you can find them online at www.bertsstore.com, call them at 785-816-7006, or better yet, drop in to say hello and see all the place has to offer.
Our 30th Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Spotlight is on Casey’s General Store, which opened almost four years ago at the 406 Pendleton Avenue location. However, the original Casey’s was located on Main Street before the building of the new location. Casey’s is a convenience-store chain that offers fuel, drinks & food, including made from scratch pizza, sandwiches, salads, wraps, and baked goods.
When the store moved to Pendleton Avenue, modernized changes were made to the store and the gas pumping stations. The new location provided better access to customers within the community and for travelers utilizing I-35, a larger store that offered extended menus and hours, and additional gas pumps, along with a variety of store items. Even with the recent addition of another gas station/convenience store in Wellsville, Casey’s has been able to maintain customer loyalty with many of its customers due to its friendly service, value of community and dependability.
These past couple of years, Casey’s has had to overcome some difficult issues such as product shortage and limited staffing; however, these issues are being seen across the nation and the world. Even though Casey’s has had to face these challenges, they remain a constant within the community that provides a friendly environment and excellent customer service the minute a customer walks through the door.
Casey’s operational hours are 5 a.m. to 11 p.m. seven days a week, with the kitchen closing at 10:30 p.m. A typical day at Casey’s, begins by preparing donuts in the morning, and transitioning into biscuits and gravy, breakfast burritos and pizzas, as well as other breakfast items. When lunch time nears, preparations for meal items such as pizzas, burgers, sandwiches, salads, wraps, etc. begin. While made-to-order sandwiches are still limited, take-out pizzas are always freshly made to order from scratch. Although pizza delivery services have not resumed, with the hiring of a new district manager, discussions are in place to restart this service.
Casey’s wants everyone to remember they take large food orders for almost all items they sell with advanced notice. Also, a reminder that Casey’s Take Out is famous for its freshly made from scratch pizza. To order, customers can use the Casey’s App (for mobile devices), or they can call the pizza hotline at (785) 883-4814. 
Casey’s would love to see all their customers join the Casey’s Rewards program to earn points on every purchase—in store, online, and at the pump. Customers can also take advantage of the exclusive perks and savings using a Casey’s credit card. See inside any Casey’s store for more details or utilize caseys.com or even ask an employee for assistance. Not only does the Rewards Program offer Casey’s Cash that provides great discounts and free items to its customers, but Rewards points can be used to also discount fuel or can be donated to your local school.
Casey’s goal is to create a great experience for everyone, while focusing on the needs of the customers and the community. To find out more about the local Casey’s or Casey’s stores in general, visit caseys.com.

Hometown Realty
Our final Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Spotlight is on Hometown Realty at 618 Main Street in Wellsville, KS owned by Idalee (Owings) Eneihen. Idalee is the broker and has one agent, Bill Browning. She began working in Wellsville at the age of 10 selling flower seeds.

When Idalee started Hometown Realty in 1995, she had been working two jobs for the previous five years. It was time for a change, and Wellsville, Kansas, would be the logical place to start up the business. The company colors of red and blue were chosen based on the WHS school colors.

When asked what sets Hometown Realty apart from other realtors, Idalee stated, "I take a personal interest in each client, every sale, and every listing. I show property based on the clients' needs and wants, not on the amount of the commission I might make on a sale. My motto is, if you take care of your clients first, it always works out for the realtor at closing." Her favorite aspect of her business is helping those first-time home buyers find their dream home along with land sales, listings and 1031 Transactions.

Over the years, Hometown Realty has experienced many successes and faced many challenges. When asked her greatest business success to date, Idalee said, "I think it was quite an accomplishment to stay in business for 32 years with the ups and downs of the real estate business. I also considered it a highlight to have my brother, Jerald Owings, join me for a few years and to have my son, Bill, currently working with me." Her biggest challenge has always been managing the ever-changing real estate market and the unpredictable income associated with being a realtor.

When asked to describe a typical day in the life of a Hometown realtor, Idalee said, "You learn that when you start out in one direction for the day, that is not always the way your days goes. In one or two phone calls, all my plans can change for the day. Therefore, I've learned to be flexible with my daily plans." An example she provided was she could plan to set up a showing and have the buyer cancel at the last minute. Another example is that she could plan for a closing and learn the buyers went out and purchased a new car the night before and now don't qualify for the loan!

Typical tasks at Hometown Realty include taking listings, running comparables, showing properties to buyers, meeting inspectors at the property on behalf of the client, working with the title company in the county of the sale, helping buyers find lenders for the type of loan they want or need, working with the other realtors involved in the transaction, negotiating the contract and attend closing with clients. Idalee loves that every day is different.

If she could start over, knowing what she knows now, Idalee says if she'd have known she would have to spell out her email address each time she gave it out, she'd have made it much shorter!

Idalee's goals for the next few years are to continue to serve the public, continue her education, and continuing to sell real estate. When asked the one thing that she values the most about the Wellsville community, she quickly responds that it's the closeness of the residents and how they support each other. And finally, when asked how the Wellsville community could best help her real estate company, she said, "when shopping for your next realtor, please consider Hometown Realty."
Charitable Organization Spotlight
Wellsville American Legion
The Louis H. Hanson post of the American Legion, Department of Kansas, in Wellsville, Kansas, took its name and charter in memory of a local man who enlisted on April 19, 1917, trained at Camp Donaldson, and sailed for France in April 1918. His unit went “over the top” (joined the active field campaign) in the Argonne. They were active throughout the war until the Armistice. His death on March 22, 1919, as a result of illness occurred shortly before his comrades returned to the United States. His body was returned to Wellsville for burial in the Wellsville Cemetery on September 22, 1920. The Wellsville American Legion is proud to honor his name with their banner.
After the Armistice was signed on November 11, 1918, and the soldiers, sailors and Marines were re-grouping for their return to the United States, the organization of the American Legion was born in France and brought to the United States in the year 1919. The return of comrade veterans didn’t happen overnight, for some, it took almost a year. By the end of 1919 many of the fighting men from the Wellsville community had returned home. On January 16, 1920, the Louis H. Hanson American Legion Post 194 was formed and chartered with 69 members in Wellsville, Kansas. It has continued to function and serve this community ever since. After 1941, one had to have served in a branch of the military and have had an honorable discharge to join.
Besides its service to veterans of all wars, the American Legion serves the community through its on-going activities and support:
·      Boys State for boys who are juniors or seniors in high school to learn about the government for a week in Salina, KS
·      Cadet Lawman Academy programs for girls and boys to learn about law enforcement for a week in Salina, KS
·      Annual Easter Egg Hunt at Saddle Club Park for children up to 11 years old
·      Sponsor the Citizenship award for one 8th grade boy and one 8th grade girl each year
o  Middle school faculty choose candidates
o  Present plaque at 8th grade promotion
·      Decorate each veteran’s grave with a small American flag Memorial Day weekend at eight local cemeteries (Wellsville, Walnut Creek, Rock Creek, Clearfield, Black Jack, Antioch, Pleasant Valley, and Deay) each year
o  This includes over 540 flags
·      Memorial Day services with the Avenue of Flags at the grave of the Unknown Soldier in Wellsville Cemetery with local speaker or preacher
o  Flags that are donated from families of deceased veterans are used
§ Currently, over 65 flags
·      Furnish a Color Guard for the High School football games and the Wellsville Days parade each year
·      Annual Veteran’s Day program at the high school with a guest speaker, Color Guard, firing squad and bugler. 
·      Annual Veteran’s Day breakfast at the elementary school
·      Hunter Safety course
o  When instructor is available
·      Upon request by family of a deceased veteran, the Post provides a Color Guard, Firing Squad, and bugler 
o  Present folded flag to family
·      In the past, the Post members with Auxiliary members went to the Dwight D. Eisenhower Medical Center at Leavenworth to entertain the hospitalized veterans with bingo games, serve them fresh fruit, cookies, coffee and punch or cider. When space was available, the WHS stage band has performed.
·      Flag burning ceremonies held as needed
o  Take any flags in need of burning to City Hall
·      Prior to the WJRC, the Post sponsored Junior League, Little League and Babe Ruth baseball teams for local youth. 
·      The Post has been represented and active in the Douglas/Franklin County Council of the American Legion District and Department of Kansas supporting County Government Day
o  High school students visit the court houses in Lawrence and Ottawa
·      Prior to1991, Post membership participated in selling fireworks for the week prior to the 4th of July
The post reached an all-time high attendance record of 143 members in 1960. This and other achievements were and are only possible by the dedication of its active membership and officers. Current officers:
·      Commander – Charlie Eggleston
·      Adjutant – Marvin Hutchinson
·      Finance Officer – Harley Broers
·      Sargent at Arms – Jim Crist
The American Legion Post 194 plans to continue all existing activities and support for the Wellsville community. They would love to recruit younger members to join them and take the organization forward. Currently, funds are raised from memorials of veterans and donations. If you would like to join or donated to the Post, please send donations to PO Box 597, Wellsville, KS 66092. If you need to contact a member of the Legion, please call 785-248-4863 or 913-980-0574. 

Special Chamber Member Promos
Franklin County Info
Franklin County Optimist Meeting

The Optimists will be meeting at the Wellsville Library at 6 pm on August 15. They will be discussing the Optimist Golf Tournament, the Student of the Month recognition program at the Middle School and the possibility of a new recognition program at the High School called Unsung Heros.
Size Up Franklin County

This is a new software program provided by FCDC to anyone. It is a program for businesses new and existing. It can help new businesses build a business plan and existing ones tweak their plan. It provides access to location of competition, suppliers, workforce, and much more.
Kansas Income Tax Credits

As a benefit of Franklin County becoming an E-Community, FCDC can help facilitate access for you to some exciting tax credits. I have attached a flier for your review.

This tax credit can be for your business and/or you individually. You can get a 75% tax credit for Kansas Income, and potentially get a charitable deduction on our federal return. As a result, your investment can be offset by a large portion of the credits and deductions.

In addition to helping yourself, you will be helping FCDC. FCDC will get a “commission” on the sale of these tax credits. These funds must be used for economic development. As a result, FCDC will set those funds aside for utilization of special economic development opportunities that will arise.
Franklin County Development Council

FCDC is working closely with the City of Ottawa and the City of Wellsville on promotion and application for the new Moderate Income Housing funds that the state allocated during the last session to help rural communities build workforce housing. There is $60million in the bucket that will provide support to builders, developers, and home buyers. It is a great tool to help us address this issue.
USD #289 Info
Wellsville School District Projects
Bond Project Update
The USD 289 bond project continues to move forward. Below are updated pictures of our project. I also included some new pictures of the elementary playground, which is not part of the bond project but will be a great resource for our PreK students!

Wellsville High School Library
Wellsville High School Quad Classroom Remodel
Wellsville Middle School Classroom Remodel
PreK Playground
Community Chamber Events
Chamber Monthly Meeting - September 13th at noon at Wellsville City Library
Annual Chamber Car Show 2022 - Friday, August 26th

Join us for friendly family fun from 4-10PM! Main Street will be lined with cool cars, and there will be a live DJ spinning groovy tunes plus food, prizes and more! Bring the whole family!

Also, if you are available to volunteer, you will receive a free t-shirt, food and drinks. They need people to help with many fun and simple tasks.
Annual Chamber Wine/Brew/Spirits Fest

The Chamber has requested and been granted a permit from the City and is still planning on the date. Please stay tuned for exciting information about this new, fun event guaranteed to bring in people from all around!

This will be an opportunity for the downtown businesses to showcase themselves and for all our Wellsville businesses to benefit. Let us know if you'd like to be part of the planning process!
Community WJRC Events
Check out all the Wellsville Recreation Commission has planned for our community seniors this month!

Community Library Events
Library Updates
  • The Wellsville City Library is looking for a new board member that resides within the city limits.
  • If you are interested please call the library at 785-883-2870.

  • The Wellsville City Library is excited to announce that they are moving forward with the building project.
  • The architect, Emig & Hauff Associates Architects, and contractor will be going over the plans and then they will be looking for subcontract workers.

  • Friends of the Library will be having a meeting Tuesday, August 9th @ 6:45pm
Storytime -
  • Every Wednesday @ 10am beginning August 17th
Community Church Events
Family Church
Sunday Service -
  • Three identical in-person services at 8:00AM, 9:30AM, and 11AM
  • Live online service at 9:30AM

Helping Hands Food Pantry Grocery Distribution -
  • Fri Aug 19
  • Sat Aug 20

21 Days of Prayer -
  • Aug 7-27

Family Church Celebration Sunday -
  • Sun Aug 21
  • Celebrating 34 years of Pastor Curtis & Sue as Family Church Lead Pastor 
GriefShare -
  • A faith-based, friendly, caring group of people who will walk alongside you through one of life’s most difficult experiences. You don’t have to go through the grieving process alone.
  • How GriefShare works: Support groups are led by people who understand what you are going through and want to help.
  • You’ll gain access to valuable GriefShare resources to help you cope with your loss and look forward to rebuilding your life. Grieving is a process and not meant to last forever.
  • Mondays at 7pm at Family Church
  • For more info contact Debra McCullough (913) 206-5372
Celebrate Recovery
  • A 12-step program to help you find freedom and healing from hurts, habits, and hang-ups
  • Meets weekly at Family Church on Thursday's at 7PM
  • For more info contact Mike Holtwick 913-710-6255
Wellsville Baptist Church
Sunday Service -
  • One in-person service 9AM
  • Sunday School for all ages at 10:30AM
Ladies Craft Nights -
  • Every 3rd Sunday of the month, 6-8PM
  • Women are invited to gather and bring any craft project they are working on
  • Once each quarter we’ll do a guided group activity such as making a painting, ornament, or decoration for the home

Bible Study -
  • Every Wednesday morning from 9:30-10:30AM
  • No matter how little or how much you know about the Bible, we guarantee you’ll learn something new at this study
  • All are welcome to join us for an hour of study followed by a visit to Hot Off the Press for snacks

Pioneer Club -
  • Every Wednesday evening (Sept-April) from 6:30-8PM
  • Club will be canceled if there is no public school that day
  • PC is essentially Christian scouting
  • Kids between the ages of 3-18 are invited to join in learning more about God while simultaneously engaging in practical life skills and hobbies

Play Group -
  • Every Thursday from 9:30-11:30AM
  • Moms and kids of all ages are invited to play in the WBC gym
  • Kids can bring skates, bikes, scooters, or any other toys they’d like
  • A great way for kids to get their energy out, while the mom’s can sit and chat

Men’s Breakfast -
  • Every Saturday morning from 8-10AM
  • Don’t worry about bringing anything other than your appetite
  • Breakfast and fellowship are both provided

Wellsville Methodist Church
Sunday Service -
  •  In person worship and Church@Home - 10:45AM
Shared Experiences Bereavement Group -
  • First and third Tuesdays at 10:30AM
  • Open to anyone
  • Coffee, tea and refreshments will be provided

Zoom Tuesdays -
  • Bible study each Tuesday evening at 6:30
  • March 1 we will begin a Lenten study until Easter using the book A Time to Grow by Kara Eidson. 
  • Normally runs just over an hour.
  • Participants will need a Zoom invitation; they just need to email the Church
Job Opportunities


Employment applications for Wellsville School District are managed electronically. Please go to:


Apply in person at Bert's:

  • Truck wash - Mon-Fri full-time and part-time
  •  Second shift cashiers 2P-10P or 4P-12 A - full and part time
  • Overnight Cashiers - full-time and part-time
  • Kitchen - full-time and part-time closers

JOB TITLE: Part-Time Librarian’s Assistant

SUPERVISED BY: The Library Director, the Librarian’s Assistant, as well as the Library Board, will supervise the Part-Time Librarian’s Assistant.

OVERVIEW OF JOB: The Part-Time Librarian’s Assistant is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Library Board, general library operations, and service to the public. The Part-Time Librarian’s Assistant shall be defacto library manager in the absence of the Library Director and Librarian’s Assistant.

JOB TITLE: Substitute Librarian’s Assistant

SUPERVISED BY: The Library Director, the Librarian’s Assistant, as well as the Library Board, will supervise the Substitute Librarian’s Assistant.

OVERVIEW OF JOB: The Substitute Librarian’s Assistant is responsible for carrying out the policies of the Library Board, general library operations, and service to the public. The Substitute Librarian’s Assistant shall be defacto library manager in the absence of the Library Director and Librarian’s Assistant.

If interested, stop by and pick up an application at the Library, or go to the library’s website under the About tab and click the Board, Staff, Policies, Employment to download an application and job description. The library will accept applications until the positions are filled.
2021/2022 Wellsville Chamber of Commerce Officers
Wellsville Chamber President
Susan Stueve
Sales Associate
Farm Bureau Financial Services 
Vice President
Nicole Vlcek
Wellsville Chiropractic
Susan Larsen - Driskell
Simplot Grower Solution Location Manager
Ken Larsen
CFO - Retired
Desoto School District
Wellsville Chamber and Health Coalition Partnership Description
Many interested parties have asked for clarification regarding the relationship/partnership between the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce and the Wellsville Health Coalition. In 2021, the Wellsville Chamber of Commerce (WCC) and Wellsville Health Coalition (WHC) embarked on a collaboration to share resources where appropriate in order to boost both organizations’ efforts in areas of overlapping interest. The organizations are separate entities, but they often meet concurrently and share in other ways. The mission of the Chamber of Commerce remains "“To improve business opportunity and build a better community.” The Chamber exists to serve and build business in our community. The Wellsville Health Coalition exists to serve as a local health policy coalition that connects people working on such shared goals, facilitates cooperative and streamlined efforts as appropriate, and ultimately improves all aspects of health, civic engagement, community partnerships, and overall resident and community wellbeing. To accomplish this, the coalition seeks to monitor community-specific data, help prioritize ideas, share resources, promote activities, seek funding, and make a greater impact together. Additionally, the WHC aims to prepare the community for healthy growth through attention to social factors affecting health, to serve as an example for other rural communities, and to coordinate with the Franklin County Health Department on community health assessment and planning.

As always, if you have events or job postings you'd like included, please send the information and any fliers or pictures to wellsvillechamberofcommerce@hotmail.com prior to the beginning of the month of your event. We welcome any feedback and suggestions about what to include and the layout. It's a creative process together. We wish you and your family an amazing 2022!