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After losing Mehina, Klondike lived alone
 - until he met Shalimar

The Gift of Companionship

In last month's World of Wolves, we introduced you to our newest resident, Shali. We are often asked questions about wolves & how animal care introduce them to a new enclosure mate. This article (originally published in Summer Wolf Tracks) gives an inside look at two particular animals.  Meet one of our newest pair:   Shali and Klondike.
August 2015 
World of Wolves
Wolves in the News:

*read "Among Wolves" by Gordon Haber & Marybeth Holleman for background info about Denali wolves.
At the Haven

Eco-Logica is a bilingual magazine devoted to promoting conservation within the Spanish-speaking community. Our own Mexican wolf specialist Pamela Maciel writes about coexistence with wolves on page 9 of this issue.

What happened  in 2014?
In other news, we recently completed our 2014 Year-at-a-glance report. With the support of our members, volunteers and supporters, here are a few highlights from last year.  Read 2014 Year at-a-glance.
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