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SpringTM will get you moving.
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We’re expanding our outreach with digital marketing, and seeing
lots of visitors to our website. Thank you to our repeat visitors.

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A happy customer sent us this video:
We continue to puzzle over the challenge of helping medically vulnerable people to have regular physical activity.

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Product Feature of the Month:
Comfortable, Practical Seat
The seat is made of a springy mesh which allows water
to drain quickly – no worry if you get caught in summer rains.
It’s stain-resistant and wipes clean with a damp cloth.
What We're Reading
The incidence of dementia is falling in the US and Europe
(although it continues to rise in less developed parts of the world):
 In 1995, a 75-year-old man had about a 25 percent chance
of developing dementia in his remaining lifetime. Now a man
of the same age has an 18 percent chance. No one
is certain why, although evidence increasingly points to
abnormal blood circulation in the brains of people with Alzheimer’s.
Observational studies also show a relationship between control
of vascular risk factors and reduced incidence of dementia.


Are you helping a person with limited mobility to be more active?
One obstacle to going outdoors is fear of exposure by someone
who stands too close or is not wearing a mask. Consider
the possible benefits of wearing a face shield, as advocated
in the Journal of the American Medical Association article: 
 Unlike face masks, shields reduce the amount of virus
that can reach you – they reduce incoming exposure.
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