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Jane Iredale High Tea & Masterclass

New Programmes/Websites

Fat Reduction

Lashes and Brows

Injectable Services

Jane Iredale High Tea & Masterclass

What a wild and woolly weekend! But it was warm and snug here at the Clinic.

The move to our new premises last year and the subsequent considerable investment in new equipment has given us the opportunity to rethink how we do things at the EnLYTEned Group.

If you aren’t following our Facebook or Instagram posts, you may not have seen the video about our up and coming inaugural High Tea and Jane Iredale masterclass when  make up artist Millie Pearce will be giving hands on tips.

We had such fun doing it and if you came into the clinic that day, you would have received tea and cake!!

You may have seen our Australian College of Laser Therapy classroom. It’s small and intimate and so numbers are very limited. If you’d like to have some fun and still be able to pick the kids up from school, please book your place as soon as possible. 

Thursday August 24th 
1.00pm to 3.00pm.
High Tea, bubbles, door prize and giveaways. It can’t be all work in here!
We are planning some evening Masterclasses as well in the future. If you are interested, let us know so you don’t miss out.

New Programmes & Websites
Additionally, we are introducing new treatment programmes that allow us to incorporate new skincare technology and our Trusculpt and LED machines to maximise your results.

Rest assured, if you have an existing package with us, nothing needs to change, you can still enjoy our “Lifetime Price Guarantee”*. 

However if you would like to incorporate the benefits of LED treatments or fat destruction with our Trusculpt into your transformation, feel free to have a chat.

We don’t want to flood your inbox with too many emails, so most of our day to day news, like this, is published on Facebook or Instagram. Here are the links to both, just so you don’t miss out on any news or offers - Lyte Clinic on Facebook  and you can follow us on Instagram: @LyteLaserClinic
We are currently progressively updating the websites for all of the EnLYTEned Group.

As you can see we embrace our business with passion. Not only do we apply the practical application of our knowledge, experience and training in clinic, we also are the South Australian government accredited training college for laser therapists. (Many people still do not realise that unfortunately, no qualifications are required to be a laser therapist in South Australia)
We also educate and mentor other therapists and clinics with safety guidelines and proformas, clinic safety audits and new treatment protocols. It keeps us busy, so the update will take a few weeks as it is such a dynamic task.
      *Subject to repurchase of your programme within 30 days of completion of any package.
We don’t want to scare you, but it’s only 4 months to Summer folks! With permanent fat destruction taking three months for best results, now is the time to start dealing with it!

We are constantly adding to our gallery of the great results we are achieving with Cellulite and problem areas. Chris will be happy to show you the proof of the results of the treatment.
Lashes & Brows
Eyebrows certainly do define our face and as we age they seem to disappear!
Kumi, our lash and brow expert has some great offerings both on semipermanent eyebrows and gorgeous classic lashes at the moment. I was lucky enough to receive her first set of both some months ago.

It was interesting to hear her trainer say that a good set of full lashes take a full 2 hours, no matter the experience of the practitioner.

After seeing the attention that Kumi pays to the application and the length of time my lashes stayed on, I can see why!

If you’re not ready for extensions, a lash lift and tint will make your eyes pop!!

These appointments can be made through the clinic.

More photos are available at Kumi's Facebook page  Beauty with Kumi or on Instagram @beautywithkumi 

Injectable Service

Although our primary focus is (and always will be) healthy skin, for those of you who would like to dabble into the world of injectables, Martina Tait has joined our team. If you are interested, Martina worked her magic on my forehead last week, so I’m looking forward to seeing the results in a few days!
There is a first for everything!!
Martina offers individual facial anaIysis if you would like to know more and I’m looking forward to her future contributions to our newsletters and blogs.

Share the Lyte - Referral Program

We all know the term "sharing is caring", and it's even better when sharing is caring for yourself! Refer a friend to Lyte, and if they go ahead with the purchase of a package of treatments to repair, restore or minimise blemishes, hair removal or truSculpt, you, the referrer, will receive a complimentary LED Therapy session. 
That's all for now!  
See you soon,
Deb, Christopher & Kumi,
The team at Lyte xx
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