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August is going to be awesome! There's a week of holidays in there for the Buddings staff, plus the Summer Party (technically July, but still :), and, to wrap up our Spread the Buzz campaign, we're giving away 65 hours of childcare! There are so many ways to win it will be hard not to walk away with something. 

We're also launching an early purchase bonus where, if you buy your Aug. hours before July 27, you get 3 hours free, and changing our referral discount (previously 10%) to bonus hours that you can use any time. 

Don't forget to send Talia an email before the end of the month if you need to roll-over hours. It's just $2/hour, and if this is your first month with us, your roll-over is free. 

It's all just too exciting. Read on! 

PS: Our summer holidays are Aug. 6 for BC Day, and Aug. 13 - 17. 
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Early Purchase Bonus
Buddings Summer Party
Spread the Buzz Wraps Up!
NEW! Referral BONUS
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Purchase by the 24th for 3 Hours FREE!

Keeping a whole family's worth of schedules and commitments is a constant juggle, and we know it can be a headache to be planning for today, this week, and next month all at once! So to reward you for keeping all those balls in the air, we want to give you a break. 
Until the end of the year, when you make your Hour Package purchase by the 24th of the previous month, you'll get a bonus 3 hours right off the bat. No fuss, no muss, just 3 extra hours, applied automatically to your account.
If your needs are for 40 hours a month (our max, as you may know ;), we'll go you one better. We'll keep the bonuses for you, and after 3 purchases before the 24th, we'll give you an extra 10 hours for free.  
Want to get on the bonus train early? Make your August Hour Package purchase by the 27th of July and get your first 3 hour bonus right away!
Buddings Summer Party - this SUNday!
Even the weather is excited about our Summer Party this Sunday at East 6th and St. Catherine's in East Van! After a few days of hit-and-miss, the sun is going to come out and it's supposed to be nice and warm for Slip 'N Slide 2012!
We'll be starting around 2pm on Sunday July 29, and it's a great place for a picnic! You're more than welcome to share and invite your friends, and one family will win 10 hours of free daycare just for showing up! 
It's a 100 feet of soap and speed, with a nice easy landing and a zero injury track record for the past 2 years (as long as we've been doing it ;). Bring an inflatable pool toy for an even easier ride. There's even a video of our test run at the end of June to get you totally pumped.  

See you there!

Spread the Buzz Wraps Up with a Month of Winning!
On August 31, our online Spread the Buzz campaign will wrap up, and while the results have been great so far, we want the send off to be epic! The prize for 10 hours will be drawn at random from all the entries over the summer, and with 4 easy ways to enter, you can get your name in again and again. "Like" us on Facebook, follow on Twitter, write a review, or refer a friend. If you've enjoyed licensed, flexible occasional childcare, maybe your friends will like it too.

August is the time for them to check us out! We've come up with a different contest for each week of the month, with tonnes of prizes for sharing tips, creative contributions, Buddings trivia knowledge, and your input into how we can improve our service. 

The winning starts on Sunday July 29, when everyone who comes to our Slip N' Slide party can enter a draw for our first 10 hour package! 

Everything will be posted to Facebook and Twitter, week by week and day by day, but if you want a sneak preview of the contests and how to enter, you can find them on our website
Spot Light


We mentioned this event in the last newsletter, but it's so awesome it deserves a second call to attention. is having their Flash Mob Dance Party this Saturday at Granville Island. To register and get the details, go to the site and sign up. We'll see you there! 

Referral Discount Becomes a Referral Bonus
Thank you so much to all the amazing members who have been referring friends and bringing in new families! It's so great to know that some of the newest kids already have friends at the centre!
If you know of a friend or two who could use flexible occasional childcare, we'd be thrilled to have them! They'll get their FREE 3 hour trial and starting in August, instead of a 10% discount ($20 - $66 value) you'll get 3 hours, too! - a $75 value. 
As soon as your friend makes their first purchase, we'll apply the bonus to your account. You can choose whether it should be for the current month or the following, and with our new Roll-Over policy, you never need to worry about them expiring. Just like our love and appreciation for you that never expires. :)
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