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Qiang Qiang and I - A Keeper's Story
On Aug. 1, 2005, a severely injured panda was found in Ping Wu County, China.  Both the panda's back legs were severely fractured and his spirit was equally shattered. CCRCGP sent vets out to rescue the panda immediately after it was noticed.  One of the keepers who cared for Qiang Qiang throughout his ordeal, Qiang Zhou, has shared his story with us and we are sharing it in a 4 part series on our blog.  


Bamboo Banquets
Scientists at the University of Sydney, with collaborators from the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), have made an important step toward explaining why China's iconic giant panda is such an obsessive eater.

The researchers learned that pandas will migrate vast distances to alternate between two different bamboo varieties and the particular nutritional properties they can provide during different parts of the year.The distinctive diets provide different levels of key nutrients, with shifts between the diets enabling the pandas to balance their calcium, phosphorus and nitrogen needs to successfully reproduce.

Tai Shan Celebrates his B-Day with Cakes for Everyone
Tai Shan celebrated his 9th birthday in style at the Dujiangyan Panda Center.  He was presented with a double-decker ice cake specially prepared for the Birthday boy.  Thanks to the "Friends of Tai Shan", not only did Tai receive a special cake, but EVERY panda at the center was presented with a wonderful ice cake to help him celebrate.  Want to see more?  Visit

More Panda Cubs Born!

The cubbie news keeps rolling in!


On June 27th,  Qing Qing gave birth to a single cub at the New Breeding Center in Bifengxia.  We've also learned that Zhang Ka, mother of released panda Zhang Xiang and her twin Su Shan, also gave birth to a single cub at BFX.  Finally - BIG news out of Panyu Chimelong Safari Park - Ju Xiao gave birth to TRIPLETS earlier this week. We love hearing about all the new babies.  

Xiao Liwu Turns 2
With a cake fit for a "Little Gift" of a panda, Xiao Liwu celebrated his 2nd birthday at the San Diego Zoo on July 29th.  The 4 foot tall cake was topped with some of the cub's favorite treats, including carrots, apples, yams and honey. Along with the cake keepers made present boxes and sea creature decorations for him.

See the Video of the Celebration
The Majestic Pan Pan
The Granddaddy to many enjoys a sunny day in Dujiangyan

A Basket of Pure CUTE

Hai Zi relaxes with her twins, Miao Miao and Xin Xin
Bao Bao and the Fruitcicle

Bao Bao and Mei Xiang Enjoy a Fruitsicle on a Summer Day
Bao Bao and Mei Xiang Enjoy a Fruitsicle on a Summer Day

A Look Back at the Atlanta Twin's First Year
The First Year of Mei Lun and Mei Huan
The First Year of Mei Lun and Mei Huan

Matty is a Panda Protector for the 2nd Year in a Row!

Matty has loved pandas for as long as her mom can remember. She became a Panda Protector last year and has wanted to help any way she can. This summer, along with her little sister Ava and best friend Sophia, she had a lemonade/cherry stand; with all proceeds going to Pennies for Pandas. They raised $52.41 in one day!! She was so excited that she told her mom she already wants to start planning her next fundraising adventure. 

Thank You, Julia and LuLu!

Julia and LuLu love pandas.  To help support the fabulous bears, the  11-year-old 6th Graders held a bake sale to raise money to donate to PI.  They raised $160!!  Thanks, girls, for your support!


Julianna made her "Genius Hour" all about Pandas


Julianna is 11 years old. For her 5th grade "Genius-Hour" project, she chose to learn about why the Giant Panda is endangered and what we can do to help. She gave a presentation to her class about what she learned. She researched organizations that help pandas, and chose to direct her energies to Pandas International. She then organized and held two "events" to raise money: a lemonade stand and a yard sale. Thanks for the Donation and the amazing support, Julianna!  


Do You Know a Kid Who Would Love to Become a Panda Protector?

Learn more about our Pennies 4 Pandas program online - Just click the logo!


Spotlight Panda - Yun Zi

We are introducing a new feature on the PI Blog - Spotlight Pandas.  Each month we will feature a special panda with facts, photos, and fun!  July's Spotlight panda was San Diego born Yun Zi - if you missed it, drop on by the blog.


PI Donations at Work!

PI's Annual Dinner and fundraiser in February was targeted at raising funds for the new labs at the Dujiangyan Panda Center - labs that were virtually empty when we visited last November. Today, those labs are closer to completion thanks to our beautiful donors!!


Jerry Braden Makes a Special Delivery

A special "Thank You" goes out to Jerry Braden, husband of PI director Suzanne, for personally delivering medical supplies, GPS collars, and other donated items to the panda bases in China earlier this month.  The supplies and collars are crucial to the reintroduction program and continuing medical support of the pandas.




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