August 11th, 2020

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August Already?! That can't be right. We were supposed to be done with this virus thing by Easter... Remember when we all thought this would just be an extended spring break for the kids? Meanwhile, it's already August and school is back in session for the 2020/2021 year! From kindergarten to college, classes can now be taken online. We know this might be creating stress for kids, teachers, and parents... Do you think this could be the new normal forever, or just for awhile?

Money thoughts we're having lately... Higher education will forever be necessary, and your future generations will need to fund it. College loans are considered "good debt," but they can be hard for graduates to get out from under. If you're a new parent or grandparent (and have the means to help out) why not save now and take advantage of compounding? We can advise you on options for college savings accounts, and you could contribute to it monthly. However, please hear us when we say this: Don’t forgo investing for your own golden years. There are no retirement scholarships. 

COVID-19 Update: As far as our TVAMP office procedures go, we're still encouraging phone or virtual appointments rather than in-person ones. Virtual appointments aren't scary. All you need is an internet connection and mobile device or computer. Here's a 5 minute attendee guide for GoToMeeting, the software we use with clients. However, if we absolutely see no way around it, we will be happy to meet with you at our offices - masks, distance, and properly sanitized surfaces included!

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A one minute video on college savings.

55 or older? You should prepare a Social Security game plan:

Good news - We're hosting two educational webinars this month. The first one is at noon this Thursday, and the second one is during breakfast (8 AM) on Tuesday, August 18th. Details on this page.

Peace of mind when it comes to your finances starts with an understanding of what's happening with your money. Scott Fisher, CFP® says, "The health crisis and recent social turmoil have a lot of clients worried... They're asking if they're prepared for retirement given the current circumstances, and they want to make sure they have provisions in place to protect themselves and their assets (insurance, wills, trusts, etc.). I love walking through different scenarios with my clients. I'm always happy to dive into as much detail as they would like." When not working, Scott's favorite thing to do is spend time with his family on the river or on the golf course.
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