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 Oscar Delgado, Chelsey Mony, Afton Neufeld, Behnam Salar and Jillian Anderson
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Community Grants Request for Proposals
Proposal Deadline is September 1, 2017

March of Dimes Nevada is pleased to release a Request for Proposals for 2017 Community Grants focused on group prenatal care, birth spacing, education and use of progesterone for eligible women with history of prior preterm birth, and promoting the use of low-dose aspirin to prevent preeclampsia. Of particular interest, funding may be used to address birth spacing through models that focus on pre and interconception health/pregnancy intention screeningOne Key Question® is a model that provides primary care health teams,community health workers, and other providers with a simple program to incorporate pregnancy intention screening. 

In the link below, you will find further details, proposal guidelines, as well as the proposal template. If you have any questions or concerns, feel free to contact Aimee Nussbaum at or (801) 509-3170.

Learn About Other Opportunities
Interested in Personalized Technical Assistance on Integration of Behavioral Health and Maternal and Child Health?

The SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) wants to take a moment to highlight the availability of FREE technical assistance to support maternal and child health organizations that are starting down the path of integrated care or looking to build on existing capacity.

To better improve health outcomes, primary care and behavioral health providers need the proper tools and support necessary to build collaborative care teams to address physical and behavioral health needs of women, child, adolescents, and their families. By improving access to comprehensive care, providers are then capable of creating a healthcare environment that effectively provides for maternal, child and adolescent care. Perinatal depression is something that can not only affect the mother, but also the early bonding stages between mom and baby, and child's cognitive and emotional development. One of the major barriers with perinatal depression is how under-recognized and under-diagnosed it is.  The SAMHSA-HRSA Center for Integrated Health Solutions (CIHS) provides personalized support to the range of primary and behavioral health care organizations on maternal and child health/behavioral health integration. The following are just two of the many tools that are available through the assistance of CIHS. 
If you are interested, contact CIHS at  or 202-684-7457 with your specific integration needs and we'll be in touch to schedule a free one-hour phone consultation.

CMV Ends With Me

The National CMV Foundation partners with Baylor College of Medicine, the National Center for Hearing Assessment and Management (NCHAM), Texas Children's Hospital and Utah's Department of Health Early Hearing Detection & Intervention program on a CMV education campaign. Watch as Dr. Gail Demmler-Harrison, Pediatric Infectious Disease Specialist, gives a heartfelt plea to end CMV silence. Additional videos are available on their  YouTube Channel including personal stories from several CMV moms - please share and join the movement.
CMV Ends With Me . Know your risk. Protect your family. #stopCMV

Breast Feeding Resources Available in Multiple Languages

With World Breast Feeding Week earlier this month, we turn our attention to public health professionals being able to provide reliable information about breast feeding to new mothers with limited English proficiency. The National Library of Medicine has many resources for breast feeding available, some in more than 10 languages. Use the NLM's free online tool,  HealthReach  to find printable handouts as well as videos and audio resources. 
Improving Insurance Enrollment and Access to Health Care for Adolescents
Ages 15-18

Through the National Governors Association Learning Collaborative, a Core State Leadership Team has convened to discuss increasing access to health insurance coverage and medical care for adolescents ages 15 - 18 years. Plans are in place to:
  • Increase the percent of Nevada children and adolescents with a medical home from 35%, currently, to 55% by 2020.
  • Increase the percent of adolescents (ages 12-17 years) with a yearly provider visit from 67% to 78% by 2020.
The Core State Leadership Team is now ready to:
  • Invite agencies to share information about the project within their networks.
  • Disseminate a flyer to families of high school students statewide, educating about insurance enrollment and the value of adolescent yearly wellness exams.
  • Engage community partners to participate in distribution of the flyers.
To access an electronic version of the flyer, click here
If you have an interest in receiving hard copies of the flyer or want additional information, reach out to Eileen Hough:
Back-to-School Tips and Resources
Nevada 2-1-1

As we prepare for our students to return to school throughout the state, Nevada 2-1-1 decided to offer some back to school tips and resources this month. They discuss an anti-bullying program called Bully Busters 702, how United Way of Northern Nevada and the Sierra (UWNNS) is tackling early reading issues, and a few other school related topics. 
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