In this application note, we use a Flame-CHEM spectrophotometer to identify an unknown spice extract. Flame-CHEM combines a UV-Vis or Vis-NIR spectrometer, light source and cuvette holder in a single-footprint system, simplifying the setup and freeing up bench space.

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Measuring LED parameters such as center wavelength and power is the focus of this application note. Using a Flame spectrometer, radiometrically calibrated light source and integrating sphere to collect signal, we demonstrate how to start collecting data.

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Inspired by recent sporting events, we created a unique "competition" that showcases modular spectroscopy. Watch as our colleagues face off in "speed spectroscopy" - a demanding test of mental agility, true grit and, apparently, shameless mugging for the camera.

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In this application note, we determine the excitation wavelength for a common fluorophore. In addition to offering tips about LED, laser and broadband excitation sources, we explain how the absorbance spectrum of a fluorophore can indicate favorable excitation wavelengths.

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Reflective color measurement is the topic of this application note, which focuses on the use of software to calculate the color difference (delta E) of flat samples as compared to a reference standard. OceanView software tools streamline data collection and processing.

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In tracing the journey of the photon from spark to spectra, we demonstrate the guiding role of each spectrometer system component along the way. This information is now available in poster format, with each stop on our itinerary captured graphically and narratively.

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