Hope you are having a great summer so far! In this eNews and President’s Message you will learn more about how important a Green Sleeve discussion with your patients can be for advance care planning; the latest updates on ACFP’s CPD events; new tools and resources for opioid management; and a personal perspective to R3 or not.
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President's Message
A Personal Perspective on Advanced Care Planning

Having an advanced care plan easily available to any health care professional—be it home care nurses, paramedics with EMS or nurses on an active care unit in hospital—is very useful. In our own clinic, we discuss a personal directive with every patient who has a review of their complex care plan. It would be good to include follow-up and incorporate a Green Sleeve to ensure completion of a personal directive. On reflection, why only during review of a complex care plan; why not incorporate this into an annual review with any patient?

I’ve recently had a very personal brush with legal documents such as

Green Sleeve - Conversations Matter
Start the conversation with your patients living with a chronic illness and those most likely to access care from the health care system. Include their Personal Directive and Advanced Care Planning Goals of Designation documents within an AHS Green Sleeve and advise your patients to keep this on or near their fridge.

Opioid Task Force - Recommendations Document
ACFP Opioid Task Force Develops Recommendations Document

The Task Force is comprised of a variety of family physicians working in high risk communities, chronic pain management, palliative care, comprehensive family practice, and emergency rooms. It is the vision of the Task Force to advocate and develop strategies for minor adjustments in provision of services to drastic systemic changes that will support better and more comprehensive care for their patients and, ultimately, reverse the trajectory of the opioid crisis.

We ask that you please consider the following recommendations based on evidence, experience, and dedication of family physicians who serve patients in this realm.

Mainpro+ User Manual Available
Learn how to navigate the Mainpro+ member dashboard and understand the new credit categories and how to earn additional certified credits.

The ACFP will be hosting live webinars for members on the new Mainpro+ credit platform. Stay tuned! 

Opioid Dependency - Telephone Consultation
Primary care physicians and nurse practitioners (NPs) caring for patients with opioid dependency now have access to expert consultation with an opioid dependency physician specialist over the phone. This telephone consult service is for primary care physicians and prescribers seeking advice regarding:

  • Initiating and managing opioid agonist therapy
  • Prescribing drugs like buprenorphine/naloxone, methadone, or naloxone
  • Treating patients with existing opioid dependency
  • Managing opioid withdrawal and consideration of Opiate Agonist Therapy

FFYFP High 5
First Five Blog Series: To CAC or Not to CAC

Please check out our most recent blog article about the Certificate of Added Competence (CAC) program. The article will provide you with a committee member's perspective and things to consider when choosing to do a CAC!

Seniors Spotlight - 5 Things
The Canadian Geriatrics Society's Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question

The Canadian Geriatrics Society, as part of the Choosing Wisely Canada campaign, reviewed and adopted the American Geriatrics Society's Five Things Physicians and Patients Should Question.

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