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Here's a fast, fun way to share your experiences using Ocean Optics spectrometers. Take a photo or video, post it on Instagram with the tag @oceanopticsinc, and receive a free T-shirt in return. It's a great way to connect to people with similar interests.

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What inspires you? In this video profile, scientist Andreas Burkart, a researcher at the Research Center Jülich in Germany, discusses his interest in plant science and how the discipline is addressing the stages of plant development.

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Learn how the Schematic View function of OceanView software plots each step of your experiment. This month: chemical kinetics. 

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Educational Grant Program

With new direct-attach accessories, Flame offers the ideal tool for users who value small-footprint systems. Combining Flame, a UV-Vis or Vis-NIR light source and a sample chamber into a single package frees up bench space without comprising performance.

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The Spark spectral sensor provides the size and cost advantages of RGB filter diode devices, but with the benefit of full spectral measurements from 380-700 nm. Spark's small footprint and simple operation make it an ideal tool to bring spectroscopy to teaching labs.

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The Innovations in Educational Spectroscopy Grant Program promotes the use of Ocean Optics spectrometers for education and research.

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First Person Science

In the first of a recurring series, we ask customers and colleagues how they got into science, what inspires them, and more.

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From measuring climate effects on trees to creating a remote UV index monitor, Developers Kit users are taking on various applications. The kit combines into one package the STS spectrometer, a Raspberry Pi microcomputer, customizable software and wireless capabilities.

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Entertainment is serious business - especially when stage pyrotechnics are involved. In this video, Dr. Hamish Cavaye describes his work as a pyrotechnics developer and explains how Ocean Optics spectrometers help him verify the color and composition of pyrotechnics.

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