August 2019
Just 480 miles south of Miami, diving in the Cayman Islands offers pristine reefs, breathtaking wall dives, exciting wrecks & excellent visibility. Cayman’s trademark turtles are a common sight as well as eagle rays, groupers and reef sharks.
Staying aboard the Cayman Aggressor Liveaboard, we will be diving along Cayman’s famous walls, reefs and wrecks while we visit the three islands of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Share stories around the sundeck bar or soak up the sun in the hot tub all while watching the beautiful sunsets over the Caribbean Sea.
Not sure liveaboard diving is for you? Check out our video from our last Cayman adventure.

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From Our Feed
You might have heard, our Turks & Caicos group saw dolphins! You can see the video on our Facebook page.
Don’t rely on your phone too much when traveling. Paper copies of tickets, itineraries, and emergency contact numbers can be useful if your battery dies or you’re unlucky enough to run into a pickpocket.
What do you picture with a Caribbean vacation? Relaxing on sandy white beaches? Diving on lush reefs? Escaping the craziness of everyday life? Well, Belize is one convenient destination that offers all of the above.
Here are the top 3 reasons Belize is consistently one of our most requested destinations:
3.) The town of San Pedro offers quintessential island charm. From golf cart transportation to quiet little street corners, you’ll feel truly transported to another world.
2.) Home to several world famous diving areas, such as the legendary Blue Hole, Lighthouse Reef, Hol Chan Marine Park and Turneffe Island.
1.) So much adventure in such a small country! Beaches, reefs, jungles and rivers are some of the highlights of a trip to Belize. Beyond great diving, adventure sport opportunities abound in Belize to plan something for the whole family. Try cave tubing, explore the Jaguar sanctuary or hike among Mayan ruins while you are off-gassing.
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Service Center
You’ve probably gotten in the habit of putting the dust cap on your regulator when you take it off the tank. But what about your neglected BCD? This month, let’s confer the importance of putting the dust cap back on your inflator after you disconnect your low pressure inflator hose.
When tearing down your gear, make sure to dry the dust cap (just a quick blow from your mouth will do) and put the dust cap back on the quick disconnect plug (sometime referred to as the “nipple”) on your inflator. Doing so prevents water from entering the inflator body and corroding the Schraeder Valve Core (SVC). This can happen when rinsing your gear or even while setting it up.
If the schraeder valve gets corroded (or filled with salt from evaporated sea water or jammed with sand) it can get stuck in the open position. If you are diving when this happens, it results in . . . click here to continue reading.
POOL NIGHT ~ Once a month, we open our pool for divers to come in after hours and splash around. This is a self guided review (there won't be an instructor on duty) but gives you a chance to set up your gear, blow bubbles, and keep things fresh between trips. If you can't make it to Pool Night, you can call us to book a Pool Workout whenever our pool is available.
The pool will be available from 6:00-9:00 pm on the following nights:

  • August 16th
  • September 27th
Click here to register today!
Rather have an instructor help evaluate your skills to make sure you're actually doing it correctly? Then our Scuba Refreshers are the choice for you!

SCUBA REFRESHERS ~ If it’s been longer than 2 years since your last dive, then you’ll need a SCUBA REFRESHER. In this four hour class, instructors will share practical tips from their personal experience of diving and jump in the water with you to make sure you are comfortable setting up your gear, controlling your buoyancy and review your emergency skills. The class is offered three times each month, and is often required by a resort if you haven't been diving in a year. If you have been out of the water for longer than 10 years, you will need to schedule this class privately.
Call the shop at 303-220-8282 for more information or click here for information on our upcoming SCUBA Refresher courses.
New Year
Congratulations to our newly certified divers and dive professionals! We look forward to helping you explore the underwater world for years to come!
Openwater: Ryan M, Sarah P, Rose B, Anusree R, Thade H, Noah A, Kaemon V, Kole T, Aaron S, David G, Kristin S, Ryan S, Rustem S, Hengyi C
Advanced: Jeff M, Jared B, Harry S

Rescue: Kurt B, Randy L, Larry H

Nitrox: Jared B, Albert R

EFR: Randy L

Oxygen Provider: Michael O, Larry L