August Happenings
One Thing Leads to Another....

Every year Hydra-Tech attends the WWETT show, formally called the Pumper Show.  One of the companies that Hydra-Tech Pumps has had the pleasure of getting to know this past year at the annual show was AA Septic Service Inc. in Clayton, Indiana.  James Penner's father bought this business in 1984 from another family - more than 32 years later his family business still serves their community in central Indiana some 30 miles west of the Capital.
About 15 years ago James began exploring various septage dewatering equipment for their operation including a belt press, dewatering box, and vacuum pump systems - none of which worked to his satisfaction.  At the time he was still able to cost effectively dispose of his septage.  With the benefit of hindsight, James now says he should have pressed on because slowly but surely throughout the Pumper industry fewer and fewer municipal wastewater treatment plants were accepting septage.  Also increased regulations restricting land application of septage, causing pumpers' costs for disposal to significantly increase.  James decided that the techniques he had tried weren't working, so he addressed the problem in true American entrepreneurial fashion - he designed and built a complete dewatering system that would allow him to treat his septage.  

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