A Message from Susan Taylor Batten
Dear Members, Friends and Supporters:
It's Black Philanthropy Month , a time that requires those of us engaged in the philanthropic sector to reflect on our approach, our successes and failures, and especially the road ahead. We are living in troubling times, with new and graver problems seeming to crop up on an almost daily basis. Each crisis compounds the systemic and structural problems that we seek to address through philanthropic investment. ABFE understands this actively seeking common ground with all stakeholders who have demonstrated an unwavering interest as central actors in propelling changes that disrupt historical and contemporary marginalization of, and disinvestment in, Black communities , and communities of color more broadly.

When we invest philanthropic dollars in our Black-led organizations as individuals and through institutions , we are empowered to be more deliberate in attacking the forces that would render Black communities and people powerless. We must decide what the future will look like for the next generation, which is the least we can do considering the sacrifices made by those who have come before us. It is a humbling honor to stand upon their shoulders, and we must be diligent in earning our place there.

Here's one of the ways ABFE is stan ding and earning our place. Scarce financial support has hampered and restrained the growth, capacity and impact of black-led institutions. We are prioritizing the “Health and Viability of Black-led Movement Organizations” through a research initiative as there is a need for sound, reliable information and data identifying the players large and small making philanthropic investments in Black-led social change. Please support our research and help us to fund this groundbreaking and comprehensive rep ort. The data we want to present is integral to the philanthropic sector’s sustainability and will provide influential takeaways for the practitioners in the industry.

So how can you help us?
  • Become an ABFE Member or consider making a grant to this effort;
  • Become a recurring donor who contributes $10, $20, or even $50 a month--if you can afford itor make an annual gift to ABFE;
  • Check with your Human Resources to see if your company offers matching gifts to increase the power of your personal investment;
  • Stay abreast of exciting news and developments at ABFE and follow us on social media (see our platforms below);
  • Contact Seitu Jemel Hart, vice president of membership and external affairs (sjhart@abfe.org), to learn more about ABFE membership and resources needed for our “Health and Viability of Black-led Movement Organizations” research initiative.

All the best,
Susan Taylor Batten
President and CEO, ABFE
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