Celebrating 35 Years!
In honor of our 35th anniversary, we will be recognizing several of our longest running artists. As a thank you to our valued patrons, we are offering a 10% discount off of our featured artist's work for the entire month.
August Featured Artist:
Marsha Myers
Fort Collins, CO
Pottery is an art as old as humanity. Clay vessels have been used for cooking and decorative purposes by people worldwide throughout history.

For over 40 years, I have been making pottery and mixing my own glazes from a variety of clay and selected minerals. Each piece is wheel-thrown, hand-decorated, and gas-fired twice--the second time to more than 2300 F. The result is pottery with a range of rich, warm glazes and individualized decoration with the unmistakable print of the maker’s hand.

This stoneware is lead-free, oven-proof up to 375 F, dishwasher and microwave safe. 

*Enjoy a 10% discount on all of Marsha's pottery for the month of August!
Second Sunday:
Jan Vander Linden
West Des Moines, IA
Artist statement : I can't remember wanting to be an artist growing up, although my uncle was one. When I was 12 the school chose me to take free classes at the Art Center. I thought they were crazy!  
They must not have been because I continued art on into college at ISU.

Art is a tool that allows me to be who I am and share the best of who I am with others. I set about to creatively express the rhythms and pulse of life in the seeming mundane and to expose the opulence of simplicity. I started traveling to art fairs all over the US, seeing wonderful sites and meeting the greatest people, both artists and customers. I have never had to change my painting style or subject matter to cater to the areas I traveled to. Just me, the watercolor I love, and the Iowa I love.

*As our Second Sunday artist Jan's work will be offered at a 10% discount for the month of August!

New Artist:
Stone, Bone, Wood, Cloth
Katie Geraty
Des Moines , IA
Welcome to IAG
Katie Geraty!
Artist Statement: A wise woman o nce told me: 'there is memory in stone, bone, wood, and cloth.' I know it’s a bit clunky for a name, but it perfectly sums up the intention behind Stone Bone Wood Cloth…the idea that we live and we create and we become a collection of all our intentions.

Our mission is to create beautiful objects, hand-made from stone, bone, wood, or cloth that can b e customized with gemstones or charms of your choosing to make a one-of-a-kind personal talisman…something unique and individual.

New Artist:
Bristol, RI
Welcome to IAG Ann & JJ!
Artist Statement: My husband and I own a tool making business and decided one day that we needed to purchase a new tool making machine. It wasn't really the kind of machine we were used to using and we were having trouble figuring it out! However, it didn't take our then-14-year-old son JJ long to get the machine up and running.

JJ immediately started churning out award plaques for local school groups and quickly branched out by selling clever little creations at local craft shows. He did his first wholesale show just before setting off for college. Not exactly perfect timing, but with the laser in mom's care over the next four years she, too, became intrigued with all of the creative possibilities!

Now we're inGENEius! A mother and son team who make unique products from wood, paper, metal, and felt. We truly enjoy creating custom works for you in our workshop in Bristol, RI, which is made even more enjoyable with the help of Prim, our sassy Jack Russell.

Bethany & Meghan had the pleasure of meeting Ann & JJ in person at the Philly show this past February. They designed some super cool Iowa City Matchboxes & Coasters for us that are sold exclusively at IAG! Check them out in store and Online.
Welcome to Iowa City! Let us help you decorate your living space with some fun and unique pieces! Shop in-store or Online.
Rock the Chalk is next weekend! Head downtown to see chalk art being created right before your eyes on the streets of Iowa City!
Sara Slee Brown
Iowa City, IA
Solo exhibition announcement!
😎 Ragbrai Sun-Catchers🚴‍♂️
We still have some 2019 Ragbrai Sun-catchers by Des Moines artist Grant Dyer in stock! These make great gifts and sell quick, so pick yours up now while supplies last!
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