August 2017

Set them free!release

When you signed up for Webtix, we asked you how many minutes an online patron could have until the shopping cart times out. The default is 20 minutes, which is usually enough for your patron to find their credit card and finish their purchase.

But sometimes people change their mind or get distracted and the sale is abandoned. Webtix is designed to automatically release those seats, but if you need to manually release them , you can do that in Wintix.  Find the instructions here.
Thermal ticket printer down? handwrite
You don't have to hand write tickets until it's fixed

Baroness Parthenia von Beckhamshiresshrope may look quite elegant hand writing her tickets with her quill and ink, but face it. You have a ballpoint pen and the quality of your penmanship may not be up to snuff.

While it's not likely your thermal ticket printer is going to be out of operation right when you need to print a bunch of tickets, it's good to know you can print them on your report or office printer. 

You can even print them on card stock and then cut them apart, so they would be presentable enough for any royal affair.


We take our own friendly advice here at Center Stage Software and back up our data daily before anything breaks down.  We vigorously suggest you do the same.

Because we are hosting a lot of our clients' data, too, we need to be extra careful and diligent.

That's why we use something called a "replication server." Read how we keep our - and your - data safely backed up.

autismA Wintix user is offering sensory-friendly programs to accommodate families with members on the Autism spectrum 


A standing ovation to Ashtabula Arts Center for embracing a new way to bring enjoyment of the performing arts to families who may not otherwise have the opportunity for the thrill and enrichment of live theatre.


Sensory-friendly performances use adjustments in sound, lighting and other elements to make the experience more comfortable for those on the Autism spectrum.


Read more about Ashtabula's program here.


We also believe that for arts organizations to grow and thrive, they need to look at new ways to expand their audience and create new and long-lasting relationships with their patrons. 


What is your organization doing to attract new fans?

berryIt would be berry sweet of you to download a Wintix update

You've got bushels of things to do at work, but we just wanted to plant a seed of thought about a simple, quick task that will prove quite fruitful.

Download an update to your Wintix today. You'll be outstanding in your field and harvest a bounty of improvements and fixes.

Go to Tools | About Wintix | Download update. The latest build date is 7/11/17.
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