replicateWe make replicates of your Wintix data before you can blink an eye -
You don't have to back up Wintix anymore if we host your data! 

Backing up used to be crucial. It still is, but computer hardware is much more reliable now. 

We use big, fast servers from AWS that come in pairs. When you write to one server, it automatically writes to the backup server. If one server fails (which happens every six months or so), there is a "switchover." This means that a third server is grabbed from the AWS pool, configured, and reloaded with the Wintix data. 

The original (failed) server is shut down and the staff notified. The new server starts taking the load. The changeover time is about 10 minutes.  If we need to restore from an earlier backup, we can select what date and time we want. It takes about an hour. 

This valuable service we provide means you never have to worry about losing any data.

We still recommend doing backups in Wintix (click on Tools | Backup). But it is less important than it used to be.

Uh oh...  still hosting your own Wintix database?

U nfortunately, we can't provide this important service if we aren't connected to your Wintix database.

It's still crucial that you back up Wintix every day.

You can use the old standby methods of a floppy, thumb drive or external hard drive.

Or you can call us and see how we can provide replication services by hosting your database. Email or call Diane Rowe (831.583.0641).
emergency911 - what's your emergency?

Code red! PLEASE CALL us if any of the following things occur: 
  • You cannot sell or print tickets
  • You cannot access Wintix
  • Your Webtix online ticketing site is down
Call 831-920-1254 or 831-583-0641 in an emergency

We wanted to remind you to call us instead of sending us an email if one of these things occur. Like everyone else, we get a lot of emails and may not see that you have a situation that needs immediate attention. 

We are here for you. 

Here is a catchy way to remember to CALL us when you have an emergency!

Blondie - Call Me
Blondie - Call Me

changeNeed to change the date or time of a performance?

Maybe the date or time was mistakenly entered into Wintix. Maybe something happened and it was changed for some reason.

It's really easy to change. Visit this Help Desk post to learn how.
customLet us serve you up some custom services like
dedicated training or seating plans

Did you know Center Stage Software offers a buffet of customized services to help you make your box office operations easier and better functioning?

On the menu:
  • Dedicated phone training
  • Building of special ticket formats, labels, receipts, and reports
  • Seating plans and online chart graphics for multi-charts
  • Various levels of system administration/IT work
Our expert staff can save you time, money and frustration by serving you exactly what you need. 

Bon appetit! 

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831-920-1254 (support)