Have you thought about selling parking
parking passes with Wintix and Webtix?

Do you work at a university box office or at a venue where parking is at a premium? Did you know you can sell parking passes in Wintix and online in Webtix as easily as selling tickets?

You can even make them be valid for one specific day!

Want to sell parking passes that are good any time?
The EMV chip credit card roll out has been a emv real train wreck so far

All those scary stories of merchants having to take liability for credit card fraud if they don't get an expensive credit card machine for "chip" cards are more like snoozy bedtime tales now.

The reality is cards and readers are slow, confusing, and not as secure as promised.

If you aren't Walmart, or Home Depot, or some other retail behemoth, it's a good idea to keep up with the topic, but don't worry about getting chip card readers any time soon.

Consider your theatre's fraudulent charges. Have you received any fraudulent transactions (not charge backs) over the past two to five years? If so, calculate the dollar amount of these charges and consider whether this amount would justify the purchase of EMV terminals (which run about $400-$550).

Meanwhile, we'll keep you updated.

Here's a great article on the latest.

I f you have Windows 7, are windows7you leery about downloading updates?

Are you worried that you might accidentally download Windows 10?

Our programming department says you still need to accept the updates. There are advantages in keeping the operating system updated. It will keep things running relatively smoothly.

However, carefully check the licensing agreement. Microsoft still wants you to upgrade to Windows 10 and they will still have the box automatically checked.

Here's an important article about upcoming changes in the way Windows 7 and 8.1 will be updated.
Multiple sales but only one credit card transactiontransaction

Do you ever have patrons call to order a couple of tickets, then change their mind right at the end of the sale and decide to buy a couple more to surprise their friends. Or maybe they decided spontaneously they want tickets to another show, as well?

First, take the opportunity to ask your patron if there is anything else they would like before you finish the sale - especially if you are processing a credit card.

If they do want to add to their order, Wintix has a way for you to add tickets to the same or different show before processing a card. Read how here. 
Pokemon Go and other crazes can help your businesspokemon

Love it or hate it, "Pokemon Go" is a phenomenon that is being played (obsessed over?) by people around the country. Even if you know nothing about it, you've likely seen people holding their cell phones in front of them, swiping madly on their screen.

But did you know businesses are cashing in on the craze? If the business is a "Pokestop" (see picture to the left) or near one, they can use that to entice customers by offering "Pokemon specials." And because players repeatedly see a picture of the business that is a pokestop on their phone, it's like free advertising. (At this time, if you aren't a pokestop, you can't become one.)

Has your venue benefited from this latest social game? Or maybe you capitalized on some other sensation to sell more tickets or get exposure? We would love to hear about wacky, oddball, or off the cuff ways you've sold tickets or increased your exposure.

You can read what others have to say in the survey and we'll publish the fun and creative ways our Wintix users drum up business!

Thank you!
Have you downloaded an update lately? update   
  • To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.
  • Your Wintix build date should be 8/10/16 or later.
  • Put a reminder to update every month on your calendar
We're cleaning out our older ticket stock to make room for new!ticketsale

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Double stub (leading stub is 1 7/8", the main stub is 2.5" and the trailing stub is 1 1/8")
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Double stub tickets (leading stub is 1 3/8", the main stub is 3" and the trailing stub is 1 1/8".)
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