August 2015
Important update updateinformation

There are important new Wintix updates:
  • For season ticket sales, all fields in the customer table are available in case there are any unusual fields that need to be printed on the tickets.
  • Out of balance report for the run of a show has a checkbox to include or not include the father/daughter sales in out of balance consideration - for those who handle season tickets by adding sales to the ST sale.
  • Promotional codes now allows you to enter up to five digits in the maximum number of  tickets field.
  • Fixed: Generic search would occasionally give the message: "Alias 'CUSTSEARCH' is not found."
  • Publicity report now works with oldsale files.

To update Wintix, go to Help | About Wintix and click the "Download update" button.

Do Webtix customers get declinednotified if their credit card is declined? 

Occasionally, an online patron will think they have purchased tickets but the transaction never went through because their credit card was declined. So, how do they know if it was declined? Read more (and see a helpful screen shot) here. 
Does Wintix look a little displayfunny  after a Windows update or an upgrade to Windows 10? 
Is it blurry or the wrong size? There may be an issue or conflict between Windows and your video driver.
Click here for recommendations on what to do to fix this.
Find out who is buying lots ticketsof tickets.
Want to know who your frequent patrons are? That valuable knowledge can help you turn them into subscribers or reward them with special offers. Click here to learn more.
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Do you really know what kinds of credit card cardfees you're paying?
Credit card fees are a fact of business life, but trying to figure out what you are actually paying can feel like trying to understand ancient Egyptian hieroglyphics.

There are generally two methods processors use to price their services:
  • Tiered pricing
    • Tiered merchant accounts work on a tiered system of rates that can be much higher than expected and impossible to accurately anticipate.
  • Interchange plus
    • Processors take the interchange rate (the rate that Visa, Mastercard or Discover charges them) and add a fixed markup for every transaction.
Do you know which you are paying? You can save thousands of dollars by understanding what system your processor is using. 

One of our Wintix customers just wrote to us about how hard it was to get straight answers to his questions from his processor (he was being charge tiered pricing) and after much difficulty, switched companies to receive much more advantageous interchange plus rates.

Read the fine print about account fees, as well. They can add up to a lot of money.
Here are links to a couple of articles to learn more: Understanding Tiered vs. Interchange Plus Pricing

The Power of Plastic

All about Promo Codespromo

Everybody loves a deal, right? Offer your online Webtix patrons special discounts on featured shows and events by setting up promo codes in Wintix.

And it's not too early to start thinking about special promotions for holiday shows and events.

Here are some useful articles on our Help Desk:

How to apply a promo code to a specific performance in Wintix for online sales.
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We want to make this newsletter as valuable and easy to read as possible. Statistics say that 43% of email is now read on a mobile device. So, that got us wondering if we need to make adjustments in the layout for people reading it on a tablet or phone. 
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