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August Newsletter

Take a look at what we've been up to, as well as some tips, updates, and loan specials that we're currently offering! 

Celebrating our culture and heritage

Did you know that there are an estimated 476 million indigenous peoples in the world living across 90 countries? They make up less than 5 per cent of the world's population and represent 5,000 different cultures.

Indigenous peoples are inheritors and practitioners of unique cultures and ways of relating to people and the environment.

Despite their cultural differences, indigenous people from around the world share, common problems related to the protection of their rights as distinct peoples.

In order to raise awareness of the needs of these population groups, every 9 August commemorates the International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples, chosen in recognition of the first meeting of the UN Working Group on Indigenous Populations held in Geneva in 1982.

On Indigenous Peoples Day, we praise the historical backdrop of our progenitors and their way of life and perceive that their commitments run profoundly through our country.

If not for them, we would have never understood the real culture of our land.

Happy Indigenous Peoples’ Day!

Ahead of the Emancipation weekend celebrations, the PSCU team got an early start and donned their finest African wear. 

At PSCU, we celebrate our ancestors who have paved the way for our freedom. We also honour their legacy by doing our part to build communities based on respect, tolerance, and equality.

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What's on at PSCU

Online Banking with PSCU

Our online facility allows you access to your current balances from the comfort of your home or office 24/7.

This interface is secure, interactive, and dynamic, and it allows you to perform a number of transactions including:

  • Balance Inquiries
  • Transfer Funds
  • Obtain Quick Statements
  • Apply for a Loan
  • Request a Letter (E.g. Embassy letter)
  • Request Funds
  • Transaction time is between 24 – 48 hours (Monday – Friday)

Check out our self-guided demo to learn how to sign up for your online account.

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Back-to-school budgeting tips

It’s time to head back to school!

As the new school year approaches it can mean a new start, new routines, and getting back to some structure. As parents, we all know that the cost of back-to-school shopping can quickly add up unless you have a plan in place.

Here are a few shopping tips to help you save at checkout: 

  • Establish a spending limit

  • Check your supplies from last year and see what can be reused

  • Make a list—and stick to it

  • Avoid trendy school supplies that might be costlier (eg. a Disney backpack may cost more than a non-branded backpack)

  • Figure out which expenses you can delay

  • Don't overlook the grocery and ten-dollar stores for cheaper options

  • Compare prices

  • Be strategic about buying in bulk

Need help getting the essentials for the academic year? Secure a loan between $5,000 – $15,000 and enjoy interest as low as 6% and repayment terms of 2 years.

*Conditions apply*


Silver Club Activities

The executive of the Silver Club wishes to announce the resumption of activities that had been on hold due to the pandemic and subsequent restrictions.

Activities carded for the period August to December 2022 include: 

  • August 27th, 2022 – Games Afternoon

  • September 3rd, 2022 – Silver Club’s Annual General Meeting

  • October/November – To be decided

  • December – Annual Christmas Function

Members wishing to attend Games Afternoon and the Annual General Meeting must RSVP by Wednesday, August 24, and Tuesday, August 30, respectively.

For more information on Games Afternoon and Silver Club's Annual General Meeting, contact Lolita Wheeler at 763-3304 or Roselyn Walcott at 330-4050.

Are you ready to go GREEN?

How CNG/hybrid cars can save you money...and the environment

In a time when inflation and climate change are major topics both locally and around the world, now more than ever, we need to pay more attention to our spending habits and how our activities can impact the environment. 

Switching to a vehicle that runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or a hybrid can actually allow you to save money AND reduce your carbon footprint. 

Here's how:

  • CNG is more economical: compared to super and diesel gasoline, CNG is 80% cheaper, which means you’ll be saving more than three-quarters of your usual fuel budget

  • CNG is more efficient: CNG is compressed so that enough fuel can be stored in your vehicle to extend the driving range

  • CNG is greener: Other than money, the ultimate benefit of owning a CNG vehicle is to our environment. Since CNG burns cleaner, it leaves no harmful elements behind

  • Hybrid vehicles are also environmentally friendly: These vehicles have lower fuel consumption than conventional cars, meaning fewer emissions. This makes them greener, cleaner, and better for the environment when driven efficiently

  • Hybrid vehicles recharge as you drive: Hybrids have regenerative braking, which means the battery recharges as you drive. This means that you don’t have to worry about stopping to charge it up on longer journeys

  • No taxes on hybrid vehicles: In May, the Government announced that all taxes (customs duty, motor vehicle tax, and value-added tax) will be waived on passenger hybrid motor cars for private use with an engine size not exceeding 1,599 cc and an electric motor output not exceeding 105 KW

With all of these major benefits, the only question is what will you do with all of your savings?

Our CNG/Hybrid Loan can give you access to all these benefits and more including 100% financing.

This offer is valid throughout August and September 2022.

*Conditions apply*

Contact your branch today to discover more about our CNG/Hybrid Vehicle Loan!

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Share Promotion-Triple Treat

Triple Treat

Members, It's time again to

win up to THREE times the value of your deposited Shares

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Funny Corner

Why is money called dough? Because we all knead it! 😅

A couple got married at a credit union but no one showed up...low interest 😆

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