August 2020 | Issue 3
Establishing Roots
Summer is typically a time to regroup, re-refresh and plan for “Season”. But summer 2020 has been different. Because the spring was spent reorganizing and reprioritizing activities and projects in response to COVID-19, this summer we’ve pressed forward to make up lost ground.

Growing Climate Solutions has worked steadily to firmly establish itself in the Southwest Florida community. We are meeting and engaging new partners and expanding our communications on social media and through the newsletter. We also continue work with our Leadership Circle partners and to further develop climate-focused education, propose operational policy reform ideas and encourage project investments. By the end of August, we expect to have scheduled our first round of partner Zoom calls in an effort to foster more collaboration and cohesion among our Leadership Circle partners. 

  • Citizen's Climate Lobby - Allied Organization
  • Sierra Club - Allied Organization
  • All Faith's Unitarian Universalist Church
  • John R. Wood Properties
August Heat Advisory

The first week of August is typically the hottest of the year in Southwest Florida, with temperatures consistently reaching into the 90º. Wear light colored breathable clothing. Stay in shaded areas. Drink plenty of water. Be attentive of heat stroke symptoms.
Living Greener
Think Deeper
Thoughts from Regional Director
Dr. Ana Puszkin-Chevlin
Let's Teach 21 Century Social Studies!
This August, as parents, teachers, and school districts struggle to decide how to safely educate our children during a raging pandemic, they may not realize that Florida’s State Standards for K-12 Civics and Government are being revised. If future generations of Floridians are to be prepared to address the complex political, economic and public policy challenges, including mitigating and adapting to a changing climate, now is the time to substantially improve the Sunshine State’s Social Study Standards.  Specifically, we must ensure that students obtain a complete and sophisticated understanding of the function and processes of state, regional and local government, the multidisciplinary impacts of climate change on our civilization, and an appreciation of how civic engagement is needed to solve societal problems and make our democracy effective and just. You can advance climate solutions by being part of that process. Read More
Website Highlights
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There is a lot going on!! We've picked some recent compelling articles, including one on the Vatican's teaching on climate and another on electric vehicles charging in Florida.